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Jul 2, 2003
Have you ever taken the blame for someone else?
The moment is awkward,
Does it make one A Better Man or Woman
Does it matter that you helped?
Taking the blame has consequence
They range from mild to severe
If it came up again, would you do it for a friend,
A sibling or someone that's a stranger to you?:snapoutofit:


Jul 2, 2003
Taking blame can as simple as taking blame for someone and saying.
It was your fault that they were late getting somewhere.

I have experienced where I was blamed for :jawdrop: :bs: or something and it wasn't true.
I didn't change the story. But I did change the relationship. We are no longer friends.


Jul 2, 2003
Have you ever taken the blame for someone else?
The moment is awkward,

Does it make one A Better Man or Woman
Does it matter that you helped?

Taking the blame has consequence
They range from mild to severe

If it came up again, would you do it for a friend,
A sibling or someone that's a stranger to you
In a work situation. I have taken the blame for another. I acknowledged my portion of the blame and insisted all consequences fall on me. I was willing to suffer the consequences. I also knew the boss wanted to get this person in trouble so he could be fired. I didn't get fired nor did I get written up. I was warned on the spot only. I later told my co-worker... the boss was after him and was waiting on a slip up from him. The co-worker did thank me.

There have been other instances.. right now particulars are vague. I don't retain them or something for recall. To me they were dealt with. Several times I have stepped up and defended others and was willing to take the blame. I not not afraid of getting fired. Not afraid of intimidation.

Does it make me a better man? What I do know is I feel better and I am glad I spoke up. I really do believe and live by my signature statement. I will say something, or do something if I can in every case. Race or gender of the individual hasn't played a part in whom I have defended.

Just last year was my last time I spoke up in behalf of another being intimidated or harassed by a supervisor or manager. I have witnessed those I spoke up for. Start to do more speaking up for themselves. It is always better if they do.

What I learned from all of the work place situations is it is work place bullying.


What are examples of bullying?
While bullying is a form of aggression, the actions can be both obvious and subtle. It is important to note that the following is not a checklist, nor does it mention all forms of bullying. This list is included as a way of showing some of the ways bullying may happen in a workplace. Also remember that bullying is usually considered to be a pattern of behavior where one or more incidents will help show that bullying is taking place.

Examples include:

  • spreading malicious rumors, gossip, or innuendo that is not true
  • excluding or isolating someone socially
  • intimidating a person
  • undermining or deliberately impeding a person's work
  • physically abusing or threatening abuse
  • removing areas of responsibilities without cause
  • constantly changing work guidelines
  • establishing impossible deadlines that will set up the individual to fail
  • withholding necessary information or purposefully giving the wrong information
  • making jokes that are 'obviously offensive' by spoken word or e-mail
  • intruding on a person's privacy by pestering, spying or stalking
  • assigning unreasonable duties or workload which are unfavourable to one person (in a way that creates unnecessary pressure)
  • under-work - creating a feeling of uselessness
  • yelling or using profanity
  • criticizing a person persistently or constantly
  • belittling a person's opinions
  • unwarranted (or undeserved) punishment
  • blocking applications for training, leave or promotion
  • tampering with a person's personal belongings or work equipment.
It is sometimes hard to know if bullying is happening at the workplace. Many studies acknowledge that there is a "fine line" between strong management and bullying. Comments that are objective and are intended to provide constructive feedback are not usually considered bullying, but rather are intended to assist the employee with their work.


How can bullying affect an individual?
People who are the targets of bullying may experience a range of effects. These reactions include:

  • shock
  • anger
  • feelings of frustration and/or helplessness
  • increased sense of vulnerability
  • loss of confidence
  • physical symptoms such as
    • inability to sleep
    • loss of appetite
  • psychosomatic symptoms such as
    • stomach pains
    • headaches
  • panic or anxiety, especially about going to work
  • family tension and stress
  • inability to concentrate, and
  • low morale and productivity.

How can bullying affect the workplace?
Bullying affects the overall "health" of an organization. An "unhealthy" workplace can havemany effects. In general these include:

  • increased absenteeism
  • increased turnover
  • increased stress
  • increased costs for employee assistance programs (EAPs), recruitment, etc.
  • increased risk for accidents / incidents
  • decreased productivity and motivation
  • decreased morale
  • reduced corporate image and customer confidence, and
  • poorer customer service.

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