Black Relationships : Have you ever?

Feb 26, 2008
6 know I really love yall for real for real! lol

ohhh now you wanna make nice when we fillin up dos fantasy sessions. well each lemme put it to you like this .... You are FREAKY DEAKY!!!!!!! Nah but that is some erotic stuff der. i better stay away. cause iam by myself in here.:haha::haha:


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Apr 9, 2008
the dirty dirty for now
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Hey, just go with the flow but dont confuse psychic energy with raging hormones.

If he has a 'girlfriend' would you be content playing a seondary role in HIS life? Perhaps he has other interests as well. But what do I know (honestly...nothing)lol!

Being an educator (public school) I know that many times I have attracted or been attracted to some of my female students. Some have invited me to parties or other social events. Some dont care than Im a teacher and considerably older. Thats one reason I stopped teaching high school and went to middle school. :haha:

So I dont think in your situation the age factor is a problem. But teaching a a profession and all educators need to follow rules established concerning professional conduct.

If one is wiling to break those rules, while also being invovled in a committed relationship (HIS girlfried) how much committment (or respect for YOU) can you realistically expect?
Well see these are many of the things that I had taken into consideration and lead to reason why I cut off all contact with him once I moved. As hard as it was it had to be done, but that never stopped what I feel inside.

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Sep 29, 2005
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Well see these are many of the things that I had taken into consideration and lead to reason why I cut off all contact with him once I moved. As hard as it was it had to be done, but that never stopped what I feel inside.

At first I was gonna ask your 'sign' but decided not too because I was joking at first and didnt want to get too serous.

I have had DREAMS of some of my students (throw me under the glasshouse) and then would find myself in situations with them that the first thought was 'deja vu'.

It created some problems with me with at least one supervisor who accuse me of having 'inappropriate relations' with them. I have never had a sexual encounter with one of my students,of any age, evne when I was a 22 year old student teacher, teaching 12th grade economics at a local high school. Dont think the girls werent trying to jock me in those days. I used to get 'flashed'. It was quite embarrasing. I even had a girl on the track team (who later mysteriously attended the same college, where the mom of one of my students worked as a custodian) ran me down one day and asked me if I would go to the prom with her. She didnt know I was THE teacher.

So, three years. He did a good job of holding out. So I also know that this attraction was a real connection (not just lustful desire).

Remeber my rule? Well imagine ths. Some of the 6th grade girls I taught 18 years ago are now 30. The 18 year olds I taught in 1985 are now in their 40s.

It is quite possible (im giving you something else to think about..please forgive me) that you are 'time travellers'. Perhaps you were acquainted in a 'past life' . That 'psychic energy' is registering in your Karmic (Akashic) Record.

Again. What I am saying to you is very real. The thing is what do we learn today, in this life, from these recurring experiences which are deep in our conscious.

Deal with the fact that you may never resolve what you feel inside. Just try to move forward and learn from the experience.
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