Black Poetry : HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY On Sunday we pray the last Monday in May is Memorial // Day in a pastoral way cel


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May 11, 2006

On Sunday we pray the last Monday in May is Memorial //Day in a pastoral way celebrated, dedicated the pictorials //Of war parades all around as many have laid down their lives //To protect our freedom, we must pray together and stay together //Divided we fall god has provided all that we need, surrender, never //
our great heart will never break apart as we start to give honor to //those which lights shines very bright every night on US soil the true //soldiers love us enough to give their life so we could be free, say the grace //over my meal and embrace the real reason I’m free it’s a race //against time and convinced foreign crime would swallow us up //this is true no doubt and throughout our nation we never stuck //in the hypocrisy only democracy hail to the soldiers on Memorial day //keep in mind we seek divine leadership and do it in a special way //we try peace even talk to the high priest and when this cease then //it’s combat in some country’s habitat or even our own we will win //Soldiers in uniform has the opportunity to swarm on battlefields //In America we stay alert, hope and shout that all this will work out //

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