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Jul 2, 2003
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How you going to condemn a man. Take his life. Play slight of hand. Deny his vision. Cause it's not yours. You are tied to the chains you gave my ancestors at birth.

Across the world you conquered all. Monarches and kingdoms they do fall. You recall your revolutions. Wars and strife your convolutions. Times of conquered lands and wealth. Gold, diamonds, blood and health. You took it all. Shake like a Polaroid picture.

I once said, check you’re self.
I have a new view; it is that you need to be checked.

Time moves on with or without me. So no one is wasted. It can’t be stopped. You find yourself, in a holding pattern called procrastination. Pondering thoughts of escape. On such a solemn occasion, I have to reflect. You haven't turned and dealt with me yet. In and out of my world, I don’t miss you. You’re twisted in my being, my breath, and thoughts before I sleep. Every little thing you did, can’t be hid. Change wrong to right. I wish for days of innocence, when I know my eyes can’t see. No More.

This country tis of thee.
Isn’t like it can be
Should be.
Ought to be.

Sign of the times. I'm not missing you. Your here with me all the time.

I came much too far to ever give up. Like the Mighty and Mysterious Monarch Butterfly who Aztecs warriors believed were the incarnations of fallen warriors wearing the colors of battle.

Were doing it without the lead and guidance of our past generation.
Taking it to open spaces.
New places for us.

Here in this land we know no other.

On this day. Are you wearing yours?
You can never go unprotected.
Dressed for the occasion.
Showing what your ancestors gave you.

If you think its abandonment to move forward pulling each other along. Then something’s wrong. So what you mean you misunderstood.

Eyes to see, yet see it all. Don't blink. It’s gold on the walls. Opportunity. A small window. Sometimes a gapping hole. Did you not see the impact you have? I mean just because you exist. Then the chances you have, you can not miss. Your blessing are at your feet. On this day. Do your best. Always do your best. Others do see. You can be satisfied with yourself. Believe me. You know you’re being clocked.

Cause time stops for no one.


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Aug 11, 2003
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Brother Hodee,

Thank you for this wake up call.... very thought provoking piece.... excellent... :read:

Much Peace,

Akilah :spinstar:


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Aug 24, 2002
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:teach: Who are all these people dressed in white..

they have come from deep pressures....

they have done good for the will of God...

some of them have been murdered...

Our brother is with god Yess thanks hodeee for remembering..

let calll it happy Heaven day... :heart: :heart: :heart:

and his Spirrit lives on....

cause we have to fullfill the book.... :teach:

Love L..

it was an hounour to do my first speech about you dr martin luther king.. :huh:


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May 30, 2003
~The hidden library...~
most of us unfortunately do not fully understand the true message, work and vision
of Dr. King...and while I do believe we should continue to honor him for his work
and liberation brought..."We are all leaders within our own right" and we must keep
moving, opening doors and blazing paths for others...We don't always need one
person to take us to the promise land...
why don't we all come to unity in vision and mission and meet each other there...

Speak on brother...Thought provoking piece!

Jan 22, 2001
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:birthday: Happy Martin Luther King's Day !!! :birthday:



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