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May 11, 2006

Witty and wise clearly but was criticize severely for his stand on
Equal rights which was a legal fight here in America a plan strong-
Supported by DOCTOR MARTIN LUTHER KING let freedom ring
Home and abroad never alone with the lord on your side he make things
Happen and KING’S rapping was trapping non-believers nobody loved
AMERICA like KING, back then for black women and men it was quite
Lonely as white only signs hung over restrooms, restaurants no rights
But at that time in AMERICA the laws were lame and caused pain
The flaws came as segregation, separation and hatred this paused
The country’s progress, MARTIN LUTHER KING could leave
A committee praying after a witty saying his words always cleaved
To the truth protect the new breed AMERICA must live out her
True creed and wow who need racism try a taste of wisdom prefer
Puzzle of peace the struggle will never cease as arrests will occur
Was getting whack friction the blacks condition is we
Wasn't free from restraints needed liberty from a decree
Of slavery but there had to come bravery somebody not
Afraid to speak out and seek the route to freedom really hot
Demonstrations led by Doctor Martin Luther King with a plot
To overthrow racism which disgrace the rhythm of a free
Country, look this maybe a retard rhyme but here use to be
Hard times it was nasty not having the capacity to exercise
Choice and not having a wise voice in the government surprised
How far we’ve progress since then now time to be recognized
For freedom we prevailed ignored like nailed boards
We couldn’t move or groove, our pure self-esteem lowered
At that time in America stood the character of misled beasts
But Martin Luther King spread feasts on tables of peace
We lived to a sad theme but Martin Luther King had a dream
That all men should be free his speech reached many his voice screamed
In freedom tone “We shall overcome” the chains of racism
The discrimination and intimidation a plain disgrace of wisdom
Martin Luther king faced the realism of it all now folks gazed
As he spoke and amazed, the cries for freedom left America dazed
His speeches shattered discrimination and scattered integration
Through schools and made true fools out of the wrong a demonstration
At a Montgomery bus boycott must’ve annoyed a lot of folks
America had poor vision to ignore decisions made by Rosa Parks it awoke
The civil Rights movement in 1955 it was a success started the SCLC
Yes he dwell free as the first president of the organization the best to ever see
1/15/29 Born in Atlanta adorn like Santa bringing gifts of freedom to minorities
Priorities in America, the March on Washington affected the public to majorities
Civil rights was no longer a rejected subject by governmental authorities
“I Have a Dream” speech became the greatest story and oratory since
Gettysburg Address, America no doubt thirsts for outbursts of a convinced
Fatality dang you can’t fence reality King was tired of sunken silence
And drunken violence which condemned the constitution time to
Find a cure something we can believe in divine and pure King was a true
We’ll always remember you as years and years pass FREE AT LAST

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