Brother AACOOLDRE : Hall of Egyptian Judgement in the New Testament


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Jul 26, 2001
HALL of Egyptian Judgement in the NT:

How Emperor Domitian plays Anubis role again

By Andre Austin

"The Egyptians are reputed to be the most ancient people, and they have always had laws and a constitutional system. Thus we ought to make full use of what has already been discovered"-Aristotle in Chapter 8 of The Politics

The book of Revelations main hidden/secret Charater is Emperor Domitian, nicknamed the "Terrible spirit". This was proven by the maverick Bible history buff Joe Atwill in his masterpiece works "Caesar’s Messiah" & "Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah" . It appears that chapter 3 of Revelations in full context was talking about those who were pure and balance (Lukewarm) being able to get their names put into the book of life (Rev: 3:4-5 & Rev 20:12-15). A process influenced by ancient Egyptian secular/spiritual Law spiling over to Greek/Romans and eventualy into the Bible. After name is in book of life you travel in a boat of gold (Rev 3:18 & Luke 17:24-32) through fire to heaven.

The Egyptian God Anubis was pictured as a Jackal/Dog. He was opener of the way/doors, lived in the desert and was born in the summer solstice just like John the Baptist. His crucial role was Guardian of the Scales in the Judgment Hall were Osiris sat on a throne in Judgment of souls. Anubis watched and overseing the pointer on the beam of the scales for correctness and decided if Equlibrium (Balance between opposing elements=hot/cold) existenced by a persons tongue (Matthew 12:13-37) or his heart (symbolic of fruit). The tongue and or heart could not tip the other side of the scale which was a feather of truth/Maat. If there was Equlibrium (balance/Maat) then Anubis would send a report to Thoth who registered/unregistered the persons name in a "Book of life" to pass on to heaven. With this Context laid we can snow move on to Revelations chapter 3:14-21

"These are the words of Amen (Domitian)…I know your deeds, that you are neither cold or hot…Because you are Lukewarm (Equlibrium)…Iam about to spit you out of my mouth" (Rev 3:14-17). In coincidence the Double hall of justice is called Amen/Truth/Maat. Also from the Egyptian religion Atum creates Shu/Tefnut by spiting them out see Egyptian Divinites By Moustafa Gadalla p.54. the writer in Rev chapter 3 gave a hint that he wanted Lukewarm (Balance) to be understood as moral order when he talked about spiting it out.For an expanded discussion of Shu/Tefnut see 101 Myths of the Bible p.46-58 By Gary Greenberg

In Egyptian Mythology moral order (Maat is to be eaten) which is implied by the inference of spiting out of the mouth Lukewarm/Equlibrium (Maat). The Jews deviated from this in Genesis from the fruit/heart/Tree of Maat. Tefnut means "That water" and was moral order/Maat

We know we are talking about the Egyptian Hall of Judgement because of similar lanquage I'm about to compare with the rest of Rev 3: 17-21 with the Egyptian lanquage.

"You say, Im rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing. but you do not realize that you are wrectched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire*, so that you can become rich; and white clothes to wear (Pure), so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and; and salve to put on your eyes so you can see"...if anyone hears my voice and opens (the door/way through hall of Judgement) the door, I will come in and eat (Maat) with him, and he with me. To him that overomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne..." (Rev 3:17-21) This throne of Judgement is picked back up in Rev 20:12-15 where names are registered in the book of life. And note Anubis also represents the capacity to turn waste into useful food for body and soul in which we see in the great cannabal supper in Rev 19:17-19.

This is similar lanquage in Matthew 25: 31-46 with the separation of the Sheep (hot) and Goats (cold) those who are blessed will be given clothes, food, visit in prison, a drink if thirsty.

The great Cheikh Anta Diop had this to say about the Egyptian Hall of Judgement:

"Here is a famous passage from The Egyptian Book of the Dead, in which the deceased renders an accounting of his earthly acts before the Tribunal presided over by the god Osiris. It is readily seen in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, later religions have taken the dogma of the last Judgement from this text: 'I have not sinned agaist men...I have done nothing to displease the gods, I have indisposed no one aganist his superior. I have not let anyone go hungry. I have not made anyone weep. I have not killed, nor ordered anyone to kill...I have not cut down food for the Temple or touched the bread for the Gods...I have given bread to the hungry, water to thirsty, clothes to the naked...I'am pure of mouth and pure of heart ( same as Matthew 12:13-37). Those who see me say, Welcome" (The African origin of Civilization p.289-290). This quote above is part of what souls had to say 42 negative confessions (or Declarations of Innocence/Admonitions of Maat) from which the Ten commandments are based.

The writer of the book of Revelations in Rev 3:19 left out the "welcome" but its implied "So be earnest, and repent. here I am. i stand at the door and knock. if anyone hears my voice and opens the Door..." now we know the customary pharse of "welcome" when we open the door to a visitor. Nevertheless, we are dealing with high stakes plagarism and when this is involved copycats allways allow at least a 1% degree of separation from their benefactors. Too many key ingredients are all alligning themselves:

A. Name in book of life for the pure and balanced

B. Blanced on a scale of Maat between hot/cold Lukewarm Equlibrium=between two opposing elements

C. Spiting out of "Lukewarm" or Tefnut a personification of Maat being born by spiting

D. Passing Doors

E. In a boat of Gold.

F Processing to heaven.


* Anubis/John the Baptist was caled "Ferryman Boat of souls". And was given a boat of gold used in transporting pure souls over the river of fire in Amente/Underworld. See ( Christ in Egypt by D.M.Murdock p.241 This may be yet another allusion to Rev 3:18 & Noah's boat Luke 17. Noah was symbolic of Egyptian water called Nun who in creation myths is told to Kiss Tefnut /Maat/moral order (101 Myth of the Bible By G. greenberg p.58). By the way Judges in Egypt wore a gold chain arround their neck with stones being symbolic for truth (Diodorus Book 1:75)

When seeking to enter the Hall of the two Truths, the departed soul is asked to name a gateway and a door by a dog-headed god, anubis to be able to pass see Black Spark, White Fire By Richard Poe p.103. This is the same thing mentioned in Rev chapter 3:8,19 of being confronted with a person (Domitian/Anubis) holding the key to the door.

"An offering which the kings gives, to provide for Anubis and for him in the necropolics "City for dead" has a poem written in the tomb:

My father made a will for me...

I gave bread to the hungry

Clothing to the naked

I brought the boatless to land

O you who live upon earth

Who shall pass by this tomb" (Prison for soul)

see Ancient Egyptian Literature Volume 1 p.24 By Miriam Lichtheim

Webster's dictionary defines Lukewarm as moderately warm. So we go from 1. Hot, 2. warm, 3. Cold with warm in the middle the balance between the two. Where do we see hot/Cold signs in a facet or bathtub bringing out water. Recall Tefnut (moral order)according to wikipedia says means "That water"

Domitian was famous for giving dinner parties with tombstones for the guest at the Table with naked boys colored in black paint.
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Jul 26, 2001
I was doing some creative thinking on Rev chap three and saw Domitian playing the role of Anubis by knowing the deeds of men as "Lukewarm" between Hot & Cold. I was thinking of Lukewarm as Equilibrium=balance between opposing Elements. Anuibis was responsible for knowning if a person was in balance on the scales of maat so their names could be registered in the book of life. A clue helped me clinch the matter when Domition spits out "Lukewarm". In Egptian mythology Atum spits out Shu/Telnut. Telnut "that water" is identified as moral order/Maat/balance

Literally translating as "That Water", the name Tefnut has been linked to the verb 'tfn' meaning 'to spit' and versions of the creation myth say that Ra (or Atum) spat her out and her name was written as a mouth spitting in late texts.

"These are the words of Amen (Domitian)…I know your deeds, that you are neither cold or hot…Because you are Lukewarm (Equlibrium)…Iam about to spit you out of my mouth" (Rev 3:14-17).

See 101 Myths of the bible by Gary Greenberg who states: Tefnut is identified as the principle of moral order/Maat/balance see p.49

Like most Egyptian deities, including her brother, Tefnut has no single ideograph or symbol. Her name in hieroglyphics consists of four single symbols t-f-n-t. Although the n phonogram is a representation of waves on the surface of water, it was never used as an ideogram or determinative for the word water (mw), or for anything associated with water



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Jul 26, 2001
Justice by reason of its equality (Balance/Equlibrium) intervenes between the two: Deficiency and excess" (Isis & Osiris by Plutarch 75.381-382) Just like Lukewarm intervenes between hot and cold as talked about in Rev 3:16.


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Jul 26, 2001
In the garden of Eden we have two tree's that are in the middle (Between) of the garden because they are symbolic of the Egyptian twins Shu & Tefnut. Tefnut was the Tree of knowledge of good and evil. tefnut was symbolic of Justice it it has to be in the middle because its between balancing forces. see gary Greenberg's "101 myths of the Bible for further explanation

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