Haiti : Haiti “Pain Rush”: The Myth of White Superiority, Poverty Pimping NGOs and US Humanitarian Occupatio

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May 6, 2013
(the term Clorox pain, descirbed in the article, is a term to describe the level of pain hunger sisters and brothers there are suffering, as if you sipped a bit of Clorox by mistake and the burning feeling you feel in your stomach)

Haiti is a symbolic nation for all Black African people on the globe. They are suffering as a payback for being the first African nation (yes African) to fight White Supremacy and achieve some form of success, and if we have a heart and a respect for our history, then we owe them a debt of help in every way we can and in any way we can! And no I am not Haitian or an immigrant, my parents and great great grands are from the south!


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