Black Poetry : Groove with cake and convinced her hips move make sense boys be girl watching while the world is marching to beauty, at the bar hope around got mechan


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May 11, 2006
Groove with cake and convinced
her hips move make sense
boys be girl watching
while the world is marching
to beauty, at the bar hope around
got mechanic duty my car broke down
and in the fog he's parking
while the dogs are barking
up the wrong tree
he wanna go home gee
have some phat romancing
after all that dancing
so boo he has a question about the bed
right now congestion in his head
his ears ring
while he wear sincere bling
HIP HOP is an unclear thing
he's in the world minus protection
but he has a sinus infection
must blow his nose
then go buy a rose
for a chick can't dose
on a love affair girl will close
the door in his face got BOSE
SPEAKERS, and he turn up those
HE SAID: “I guess the best way
to treat your breasts today
is suck them and play
with the nipples so hey
girl is a date on your list?
you known for breasts and love
body is your own flesh and blood”
“YEAH PLAYER: like graduates wear cap and gown
got mad fakes can get trapped in town
have a friend traveled took a map around
her cake and pies so soft and phat
a boy couldn't take his eyes off that
the wind blew dust flies he lost his hat
she a KOREAN CHICK oh he wanted some
right there in KROGERS, misled from
the start, she thirst to be a winner true
and this her first dinner with you boo
oh her KOREAN panties are so hot
down there and juice around everywhere
“LOOK BOO he listen to jazz here and there
and flow nice
as though life
gave him a gift
he's above the rim and swift
stuff so heavy them haters can't lift
“NAW PLAYER “being I have a boss butt
to boys its a toss up
on which one get the date
and the wet cake
“LOOK BOO my horse has a stub of a tail
while in the club really ready to hug a female
ride like Paul Revere
got pride its all clear
come with bazaar action
like Lamar Jackson
regular battle with flow
boys craving to score
and like the RAVEN this and nothing more
can kiss and anoint
but don't miss the point
her lips red today
when she strips led astray
end up lips in the bed so hey
NAW PLAYER” his plan is strong
like calcium it's sandstone
you want more wine
on VIRGINIA BEACH shoreline
her skirt is down
she still flirt around
this is Black Hip Hop
crave for a flow
but behave as though
attracted to shopping
when reacted to HIP HOPPING
her cake and pies phat
and boys make eyes at that
she gave a boy some one time
after talking and done with the wine
he jest went crazy yelling a lot
his thing swelling and hot
he spoke things that was sweet
completely broke the springs in the backseat
oh she couldn't go any place
and down there plenty wet lace
lets face it he was having his moment
“oh boo this some good stuff right here
girl I'm tell the world about this oh no
don't tell anyone,
plenty would be done
to take down my reputation
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May 11, 2006
to take down my reputation”
its a threat no doubt
when boys set out
the create a dramatic role
and cause static in a girl's soul
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through
a lot we can catch KAL to TAEGU
stay true don't let nobody play you
oh her coo-chee is so hot and yellow
OH GOSH she started to say stuff mellow
to this fellow stuff like”
“oh let me see
flow and agree to do
the right thing
wearing tight bling
oh it will help you
if you accept my view
and not step to
another chick
hope your rubber thick
oh we of the same mind
the game been kind
to us
got true pie crust
oh you a good guy
because you prefer hood pie
oh he was going crazy
her coochee flowing gravy
aw girl your thing plumb wet
and I don't want to cum yet
I'm sweaty boo
and ready to do
what you want to
kissing and lip lock
listening to HIP HOP


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May 11, 2006
listening to Hip Hop
oh trust fact
and must act
to reduce
the juice
in my panties they soaked
strange tradition
gonna change positions
ok I got to pea
and really he stopped
OK don't take all day
I put my panties, bra
and skirt and from the car
oh he tore it up no more bar
for me boys will get some

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