Black People : Greed and Denial (comes in all colors)

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Jun 24, 2015
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Nigerian Official Nabbed at the Doctor's Rooms
Nigeria's former attorney general, Mohammed Adoke, was arrested in Dubai, his lawyer said. Adoke was taken into custody seven months after Nigeria's anti-graft agency issued a warrant for his arrest as part of an investigation into one of the oil industry's biggest suspected corruption scandals. The investigation by Nigeria's anti-graft agency relates to the $1.3bn sale of a Nigerian offshore oilfield known as OPL 245 by Malabu Oil and Gas in 2011. Eni and Shell jointly acquired the field from Malabu, which was owned by Etete. The oilfield sale has spawned legal cases across several countries, involving Nigerian government officials and senior executives from ENI and Royal Dutch Shell. Shell and Eni, and their executives have denied any wrongdoing. Etete has also denied wrongdoing. Read more
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