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Dec 15, 2007
Does anyone have any more information about this mysterious Great Zimabwe? Has anyone like Dr. Ben, Dr. Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, Chancellor Williams or anyone talked about this place or what it was for? I'm asking because I have been looking into and its sparked my interest for some reason. I know much of its artifacts were pillage, monuments torn down, and information taken. Well just let me know, just looking into it.

Great Zimbabwe, the unknown jewel of Africa, is a civilization that is not well known; the actual history was denied for many years. Located in south-central Africa, was a society that lived on the inside of an egg-shaped rock enclosure constructed using no cement (Hooker 1). It was an energized place of commerce, (Republic 1) trading gold and ivory to Swahili traders and thus, the start of world trade in Africa was formed (Waterston Video). The inhabitants of Great Zimbabwe created a luxurious place to live inside of the continent of Africa.

Founded by the Shona tribe during the medieval times (Republic 1), Great Zimbabwe was located in modern-day Zimbabwe near the Limpopo River. In the language of the Shona people, Zimbabwe means "house of stone (Brankica 1). It stretched for about a half-thousand miles with the Zambezi River and modern-day South Africa being its outermost boundaries. The pinnacle of wealth for this civilization came between the fourteen hundreds and the seventeen hundreds (Davidson 178). It was prosperous during the time of the monarchies of Europe, and created many structures ages ahead of its time.



Jun 1, 2008
Peace Tyab14,

Are you able to access athens via your institution? In the UK, the universities (colleges to you) provide access to Athens, which is an electronic source of pretty much all the major journals and databases. Anyway, if you have access to JSTOR, you will be able to find information on Great Zimbabwe. Below is an excerpt from one; I would have copied the whole article but there are copyright restrictions. If you cannot access JSTOR, provide an email address and I will forward the whole article.

Best wishes,

(Ps - check out the date, it was written in 1904!!, lol, sorry, I am a nerd like that. Old documents excite me)

THE GREAT ZIMBABWE Notes of Lecture delivered before the African Society, October x2th, I904, by Mr. R. N. HALL, F.R.G.S., co-author of The AncienZ Rins of Whodesza, and author of Grea! Zz;wgbabwe.

THE ARGUMENT AS TO ORIGIN RHODESIA admittedly possesses the most extensive ancient gold-workings known to the world These cover the whole of the area lying between the Zam- besi and L;mpopo rivers. From these ancient mines it is believed, on a conservative estimate, that at least t75,ooo,ooo sterling worth of gold has been extracted in ancient times. Other gold-workings in Rhodesia, not ancient, and of a superficial character, are believed to have been mined by medixval Arab colonists, also by Portuguese of between I5IO and 1760, also by still later Arabs, and finally by native people.

Associated with the ancient class of gold mines are several scores of massive and extensive ruins of temple-forts, both as centres of districts, and in chains protecting certain well- defined routes and strategic points. To these almost any period of antiquity may be attached. These ruins yield abundant testimony to the character of the gold-mining industry of the ancient builders and oc- cupiers, and several also evidence the practice of Nature worship. It is most probable that the Great Zimbabwe was the chief metropolitan centre of the ancient miners, this group of ruins being both extensirre and evidently of exceptional importance. A considerable number of other ruins are distributed over Rhodesia, which, though exceedingly old, do not present the architectural features, nor yield the relics as found at Zimbabwe and at the other ruins of major importance. These belong to later periods, some to foreign colonial people of early mediaeval times, some to unknown indigenous people, and others to long-past generations of present races. But it is with the oldest form of building that archaolo- gists are most concerned, and of these the Great Zimbabwe rivets the attention of those who study the origin and move- ments of ancient races. During the last two years and a half I have been privi- leged to explore the Great Zimbabwe on behalf of the Government of Rhodesia

In the course of these explorations large areas of the ancient temples were cleared of debris to a considerable depth, and the original floors as well as ancient walls and other structures were disclosed, while prehistoric relics were unearthed which overwhelmingly prove the extensive prac- tice of Nature worship of an exceedingly old cult. The Phallic character of these temples was first discovered in I89I by Mr. Theodore Bent, but, unfortunately, he only saw the ruins in their buried condition. The recent explorations not only fully bear out Mr. Bent's conjectures, but abundantly yield evidences in this direction which are incontestable.

Other articles I saw that might be of interest were:

5. The Great Zimbabwe and Other Ancient Ruins in RhodesiaThe Great Zimbabwe and Other Ancient Ruins in Rhodesia Richard N. HallThe Geographical Journal, Vol. 25, No. 4 (Apr., 1905), pp. 405-414Article InformationPage of First MatchPDFExport this Citation

6. Solomonic Legend: The Muslims and the Great ZimbabweSolomonic Legend: The Muslims and the Great Zimbabwe Scott T. CarrollThe International Journal of African Historical Studies, Vol. 21, No. 2 (1988), pp. 233-247Article InformationPage of First MatchPDFExport this Citation

7.On the Finds at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins (with a View to Elucidating the Origin of the Race that Built Them)On the Finds at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins (with a View to Elucidating the Origin of the Race that Built Them)J. Theodore BentThe Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. 22, (1893), pp. 123-136Article InformationPage of First MatchPDFExport this Citation

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