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Sep 17, 2012
For many of us grandmothers were the ones who became a part of our lives from an early age.
Here in the Caribbean grandmothers were the ones to take care of their grand children. Most of the time it was the daughters' children that they kept. In the early 50's and 60's many families emigrated to England and the USA where grandmothers took care and instill discipline that many today are thankful for.

I was very close to my mother's mother. When I was a teenage my grandmother was in her 80's In today's society grandmothers are becoming younger. In some African countries grandmothers are the care givers for children whose parents have died. A few years ago a friend of mine said to me "How can a woman love a child so much that she has not given birth to'. I understand that statement now that I am a grandmother. To all the grandmothers out there continue to play your role in helping to nurture the next generation.

What is the role of a Grandmother in a Malawian society and how can …

The History of Grandmothers in the African‐American Community
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