Black Poetry : Got a proud walk but loud talk in the library is not good seeing crazy and by being lazy could ruin


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May 11, 2006
Got a proud walk but loud talk in the library is not good
seeing crazy and by being lazy could ruin all your hood
opportunities in communities that offer change this should
stand alone must plan strong to have success but misunderstood
are the goals of those with episodes of poverty now this is Black
HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH kick it wear bling but like
a wicked king some folks come with dumb quotes and hype
abuse of power should use the shower to wash out their mouth
debate issues and devastate with militias galore cattle down south
before the battle a Mickey Mouse talked junk ready to walk on
the punk, my plan great like candidates prepare for debate want strong
affair with cake so he called a girl to start an all world conversation
about a picnic finish I'm out of here quick BLACK HIP HOP domination
I'm home yall against a stone wall got a phone call “come over I'm lonely
and hungry for you the only one can do what I like, don't tell your homey”
“OK I'll be over in a NOVA drop top rolling on dubs or twenty twos
we have a plenty to your breasts are renown are you gonna be dressed
in gown boo?” yes along with panties and bra


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May 11, 2006
in gown boo?” “yes along with panties and bra” “girl your body so black
and exact it attract me, HE SAID “I prevail boo wearing a retail shoe my act
is solid like a tile floor and wild galore with jive like a four wheel drive
roll through snow with a true flow and this do throw wood on the fire strive
with good desire leave because you're home alone and I got a love jones for
your skin tone and again we can roam in VIRGINIA BEACH in a car”
NAW PLAYER “think you wanna devastate my brain and accelerate
my train roll down tracks and use old facts to get me in bed well a date
could do just that so pause while rapping a kiss can cause stuff to happen
had enough not clapping my hand don't be snapping my plan I'm mapping
an escape, skipping grades like smart student tripping got delayed by a boy
legit wanting to toy a bit wanna make love and take me to the club and destroy
a bed getting some, got breasts to spare need fresh air and you suggest an affair
would be best for me oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot for love prepare
have on a dressed you beg me to lift I'm on the edge of a cliff about to fall in

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