Black Relationships : Good Men Don't Meet Good Women

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
If you can't find one, make one...they aren't that hard to mold if the grass she's on is really green.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
There is good in all of us as black people , we are what we become
you can find whatever you seek , it's how each is approached , you can mold
whatever if hearts are involved that will change what is seen.


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Jan 11, 2008
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Keita said:
If you can't find one, make one...they aren't that hard to mold if the grass she's on is really green.
I like that advice! And by the way, its not only the female gender that has promiscuity as an issue anymore. There are black males of many ages with an addiction to sex, multiple partners, (studding), and pornography. I believe the addiction can be healed because the same concept of self-respect, honoring the sacred, is uniform for both sexes.

In terms of finding good Black men and Black womben, the numbers in the demography have a lot to do with it! The majority of Black citizens in Canada are traditionally found out east. If you live in the West, well, you better have great ties in a community organization and don't go through all the potentials too quickly or you'll find yourself looking to recycle 'em. (not literally) -)

I think finding people that resonate with you is a feat that takes a little time, some patience and a great sense of inquiry. Even then, things may not always work out, but they can be good people in their own right. I guess this is where perserverance and the willingness to compromise in order to unit comes in. Unfortunately, many of today's people are very ego centered, very focused on the I instead of the We.

The people we search for are usually right under our noses. For instance if you're religious - go to church /mosque/ etc... If you're artistic, look in the paper, find an opening, a reading, anything.

What I loved about visiting the U.S was how easy it was to meet different kinds of brothers! Poets, stock brokers, bar tenders, etc... since I was visiting I didn't get an opportunity to "hook up" past the casual date and find out more about the man behind the face, but I did find choices.

It's funny though how different Black Canadians are from the American counterparts in some ways. The issues have a similar thread, but sometimes our views and approaches are quite different. For example, being in the U.S, it was the first time I met brothers that didn't date white women. It blew my mind, it was refreshing and it was a eye opener. It also made me aware of a different playing field. I've met one or two brothers in my home city that strictly date women of color. The rest are very much into vanilla city and the transition for them, to come back to dating a sister, well, let's say it takes work.


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Oct 21, 2005
BallOfConfusion said:
The good men can't find women and vice versa bcus their priorities aren't in the right place.
That pretty much sums it up... for the most part.
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