Black People : Good and Evil, blurred in Africa????


Jan 15, 2008
We knew Kwame Nkruma was good and he fought against evil, they kicked the British out, with little harm or freindly fire on Ghanians.
The revolutionary who enacted the important coup in Burkina Faso, did not cause folks to be displaced, but now when we look at Chad, these so called freedom fighters against an OBVIOUS despot have caused the deaths of hundreds of womenand children, and the diplacement of over 20, 000, in the present coup de tat.

Jan 22, 2001
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Brother Natinr ... i'm not familiar with all that you've shared above, but it's the title of the thread that concerns me most.

You highlight that good and evil are blurred in Africa, as though it is not blurred on the very soil you stand on now.

I'm not really understanding this.




Jan 15, 2008
The transfer of the "Soil From HERE"

The AFRICOM, as I mentioned before is from the US military, AFRICOM presents itself as a continental police force to quell tribal skirmishes, but as we all know they are probably enhancing these skirmishes so they can come in as the so called heros, stop the fighting,
and then take the resources .
As I mentioned the freedom fighters of the past were clear in regards to good and evil however the importation from here of not only weapons tech but mind tech(drugs, LIberia-CIA experiments) and globalist ideology, which is messing up the minds of thopse who may have well intentions, has caused a shift in the continental mindset in terms of what is revolutionary and what is just plain greed
The dictator in Chad has suspended the constitution 3 times since his awareness of new oil deposits in the country, hence the cuop which is raging now is a noble one, but the blowback however has an ugly side; the displacement of over 20,000 Chadian civilians, and the deaths of hundreds, which had not been the case in coups against tyrants during the 70s.

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