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Sep 30, 2014
I will revive this topic after four years and hope that some of you are still on this forum. I want to share with you some of my inner experiences, that are closely related to the Rose Sufi Crescent meditation exercises and visions that I had after practicing them related to Egiptian symbols.
Last year (2013) in the summer I decided to seak for a spiritual teacher. But the country where I live is very small and is almost impossible to find a true teacher. So I had to find other ways of seeking, most precisely the way of inner seeking. Somehow I found the Rose Crescent Sufi blog, that is posted in the posts above and decided in the evening to practice some meditations from that blog. The first night I did the meditations and felt asleep. I was awoken in the midnight from an owl.
The same happened three nights in a row. After three nights I stopped the meditations. The owl didn't come anymore. Than I had a dream that I was bying two books with ancient Egiptian symbols from a man with a muslim name.

Five months later I found my spiritual teacher, a women sufy teacher (Shaykha). She visited me few times in my dreams and I decided to be initiated in hers sufy order. While I was waiting for that to come, because she was traveling, one night I had maybe the most extraordinary dream vision in my life. In the dream I found myself in a pyramid looking at the all seeing eye, the eye of Horus. My brother was sitting next to me. I sad to him "Here is that eye that I am seeing with inner vision". My brother answered "the name of that eye is Lazarus". Than I left the pyramid and became fully aware that I am in a dream. Breeze was going on my head. I got scared and returned to my body and woke up. Next morning I checked the meaning of the name Lazarus in a dictionary. The meaning was "God had helped". It was a clear sign that I found the right spiritual teacher.


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Jan 22, 2011
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