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Sep 17, 2006

Part I

Written by Theo Nortey, a concern citizen of Ghana.

Where do we go from here? where do we go from here when our leaders have no idea what they are doing. The situation in this country keeps getting worse, like the saying goes “from frying pan into fire.” Ghana was once an example to the rest of Africa, we gained independence in 1957 and our Leader then Dr. Kwame Nkrumah with the help of the Big Six, spear headed the movement for independence.“At long last Ghana our beloved country is free forever”- Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, 1957.A new nation was born, industries were built and it seems we were on our way to becoming one of the greatest nations in the world but our enemies couldn’t stand by to let that happen. They succeeded in overthrowing Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and since then the leaders who came after him could not measure up. Even when they were not corrupt, they could not totally eliminate corruption from their circle. Ghana, from the beginning like any other African country has all the natural resources to build a strong, self reliant economy but the problem is, the leaders just don't have what it takes to accomplish it. We could use words like greed, selfishness, arrogant, pride, power drunk, visionless, purposeless, as the foundation for wrong leadership but another important issue we should address is our ability to fit in, catch up, be recognized, be accepted, in this world and how we go about it. The leaders keep adopting foreign laws into the country but what they fail to notice is that, one, our culture is different , two, there are systems in place in that country that support it so both the government and the people benefit. Our leaders have done a terrible job in managing our natural resources, the foreign investors are either good negotiators or they have just bribed their way to getting the most out of our God giving natural resources. It was first gold now its oil. How can we discover oil and fuel prices are at an all time high in our country, it just don't make sense. How many times has it been increased this year? Honestly I lost count. Little by little we are losing our country to foreigners; the Lebanese, Chinese, Indians, and the Nigerians. Americans and Europeans too but they are smart because they would rather sit comfortable somewhere in their country and let their money do the talking. How can a country function when we keep selling our national assets? It has become a new trend in a presidential legacy to sell something owned by the state. One president sold Ghana Telecom, poorly negotiated Ghana's Oil and we ended up with peanuts, I don’t even want to talk about Ghana Airways, Merchant bank and Ghana goldfields. I wonder what they are planning to sell next, Ghana Commercial Bank? Or Kotoka International Airport? Maybe the whole of Accra and Tema. The future presidents will be very disappointed to know that when they come to power they will have nothing left to sell. Then we will only own the ...

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Thank you.

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May 6, 2013
Why are Africans still seeking EU approval ratings?? The world has nothing to offer Africa yet every nation in the world wants African resources at pennies on the dollar!

The Ernst & Young's attractiveness survey Africa 2014 is a recognised key source of insight on foreign direct investment as it examines the attractiveness of a particular region or country as an investment destination. It is designed to help businesses to make investment decisions and to assist governments to remove barriers for future growth.

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