Black People : Get to know you all ( not a poem)


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Mar 30, 2001
Atlanta, GA
to shaneak, thank you so much for offering your experience to me, now when ever i have a question i know someone i can ask. Oh and to respond about why i don't go to the chat room the few times i did it is never no one there so i just stoped but i will be sure to hit it up soon! there is some people at my job who have also attended Devry, seems like that is the place to be, well i llok forward to hearing form the rest of the crew and thank you all for sharing a piece of "you with me!


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Apr 6, 2001
Technical Support engineer

I see we got some more FAM up in the house!!! Hello to all my Devry colleges!!! How have Devry been treating ya!!! :)


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
Let me introduce myself....

Hey Destee Family Members ~~

29 years young
Director of Employment Strategies
Living in Minneapolis, MN
(also home of Prince, Next, Kev Garnett, Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis)
Born in Des Moines, Iowa
...have lived in Seattle, WA
Mother of one child...
Divorced/ now Single and luvin' it...
Likes: creative writing, mentoring, community activism,
collect black art, traveling, and reading....
Birth/Love Sign: LIBRA (hey now!)

Have an open mind, I have found peace in my life, I am God fearing, strong willed, forthcoming and assertive!
Seek balance (like my birth sign = scales)
Love the thought of learning something new every day...
so I keep climbing the learning tree!
Love the SoulurN2 -- always N2mySoul....we gots
to make a Black Love Movement happen...!!

Consciousness Raising Online!

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Feeling good today fam...just been reading a couple of books. I think Dennis Kimbro's "Daily Motivations for African American Success" is one of the best motivational books on the market. This book has motivation for each day of the year on each page and all of these relate to your own Blackness. No matter what you're experiencing there's something in that book you could draw from. ✊
Life is a poem, love is the pen.
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Good evening
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Hi Sweetie Pie Honey Bunch!!!! ... :dance4: ... Welcome Home! So good to have your sweet Spirit in the house! ... YAAAAAAY USSSSS! ... :yaay: :yaay: :swings: ... :heart:
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I hope all is well with you. Much love.:love: