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Jan 31, 2004
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brother blackbird: yup if/when our ancestors/spiritual advisers deem that we "need protecting" they'll take care of it without our saying anything and it is wonderful to know this to be true. heck; it even works for them, as they'll be quick to point out but, apparently, only in their case, from their perspective, and in their system.
I wanted to clarify a statement I made about spirits protecting a person. I don't know about any other tradition as intimately but in Haiti Vodou, there is something a person can do to have extra protection. It is called a gad or guard. It is generally a spirit under the influence of one of Vodou's hot petwo spirits. This spirit is placed within the person either through small ritual cuts on the arm or by drinking a magically potent substance. The spirit's purpose is to protect the person with the gad against harm, be it spiritual or physical. It is not unheard for a physical aggressor attempting to attack a person with a gad to fail in their attempt and often times miserably. Depending on the lwa and spirit a person has as a gad, an attacker may be physically hurt, even to the point of death. I just wanted to clear that up.

Also since I am planning on marrying a lwa, the protection is doubled as my future "wife" told me that she is with me every step of the way and if someone threatens to attack me or seeks to harm me in any way, and I don't know the person, she may maim or kill the person even if I beg not too.

So there you have it. You don't have to be a practitioner per se to have a gad although the owner of one is expected to fulfill certain obligations. You can therefore see the gad as a mercenary. It will work for you as long as you give it its payment in rum.
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