The Front Porch : Friends Forever

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
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Over the last few weeks, my eyes have been opened wide only to sadly see the true colors of “friends”...I wish I were blind.
Know this- if I consider you a friend, I hold our friendship in the highest regard.
I will never say something behind your back.
I’ll be a true friend and tell you when you’re wrong.
I will disrupt my personal schedule and arrangements to be there for you.
I will stick up for you when someone talks **** about you.
I will not use our friendship for my own personal gain.
I will not mislead you- only advise/observe and let you make your own decisions.
I will not be fake.
If I don’t like someone, I avoid them at all costs.
I don’t keep my friends close and my enemies closer.
And if at any point in the past, I’ve made you mad, uncomfortable, come across weird, strange, etc...whatever...I am truly sorry. Never my intention and honestly being perceived in that fashion is one of my biggest fears.
I’m just an honest, caring, sensitive and sometimes terribly awkward guy.
It just sucks knowing that smiles and hellos that I initially received are sometimes followed by eyes looking for the nice soft spot on my back for their knife..