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Feb 3, 2001
New York
The Sun, giver of light and energy throughout the solar system, rules the 2nd house in your horoscope, Keita. "Houses" are the astrological divisions of our planet Earth, just as the twelve signs of the zodiac are astronomical divisions of the Heavens. The houses number twelve also, and they represent every aspect of human existence. Your natal Sun in Leo occupies the 2nd house in your horoscope, and this house has dominion over money and material possessions.

Much will depend on its cosmic condition; yet from a casual orientation this influence makes financial matters – and, in the abstract sense, the act of physical conquest and possession – the central motivation of your existence. Your individuality, your most essential self, is geared toward achieving financial success. In other words, it is virtually a necessity that you address yourself to gaining material security.

You are prone to handle money with a certain generosity, combined with nobility and superiority. You secretly nurture the desire to become rich, so that your better nature may be allowed to express itself in circumstances and social levels that you believe best agree with your temperament. In conjunction with this, there exists a great amount of faith in your abilities; you believe that no matter what happens you will always endure financially, and that you will be able to comply with all mundane obligations.

You handle monetary affairs with a sense of honor and propriety; you wish to be respected in financial matters and you like to be regarded as a person who is self-sufficient in administration and who treats others in the world of money with a certain paternalistic attitude. You are particularly sensitive to compliments and appreciation in business dealings, and you are prone to react with indignation if your qualifications are not promptly acknowledged.

However, the obligations of giving still exist as a real difficulty that you must learn to deal with. Even though you are destined to face the quest of worldly achievements, you will have need to contribute honestly and intelligently as well. You should enjoy your own wealth and also instruct yourself in the art of giving, whether it be institutional investing or philanthropic endeavors.

These influences of the Sun in your horoscope grant strong possibilities for success in life, especially after middle age. You will associate with individuals of a superior position in life, or high social ranking. These people will help you to a significant extent. Your weaknesses in monetary matters include a tendency to be very demonstrative; a desire for money because of the power it wills; a slight inclination to give large remuneration for services in public places; and a general propensity for luxury and extravagant spending. As you reach mature age, the doors of opportunity will open for you through individuals highly placed in government. Don't miss the chance!


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
The Moon was in the water sign Scorpio at the time of your birth. The Moon is in its fall in Scorpio (meaning its influences are weakest in this sign) because Scorpio is opposite Taurus, the sign in which the Moon is exalted. Thus this is the least favorable position for the Moon, because the aggressive nature of Scorpio does not blend well with the calm, imaginative influences of the Earth's satellite.

Your emotions are extremely intense, and often based on willful desire. You are impatient, moody, and even given to brooding. You are easily hurt, and you can become jealous, extremely revengeful, and hold grudges. You often judge others too quickly, and you feel a need to dominate through subtle means. You will not tolerate opposition to (or interference with) your goals, but often you will sacrifice a great deal for kindness. You have executive ability and you are resourceful and enterprising. Although abrupt and impulsive, you have self-confidence and the ability to attain success. You usually get what you want or whatever you go after; however, many times you might find that you have achieved a hollow victory.

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this sign position of the Moon does not promise a harmonious intimate relationship. You will seek a sensual partner, but one gentle enough so you can possess and consume her (which is why this position is sometimes referred to as the “Preying Mantis Moon”). Being extremely secretive, you need an intuitive mate who can sense your moods.

The wish to dominate is often reflected in relationships with your children. This may be the result of your parent’s domination, or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar position a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing her child – especially a male child.

You become emotionally intent on completing and enjoying any project you have adopted, and you can seem lacking in sympathy when so absorbed. Your personality is deep, and you have shrewd insight into other people. Very often you enjoy probing into the deep mysteries of life and the abysses of the unknown.

You regard the senses as instruments of pleasure rather than knowledge, responding intensely and passionately to life, especially the sensual, pleasurable aspects of its physical side. Your ability to observe is unlimited; your willpower is often latent, but when you use it, it is often for the betterment of humanity. You must learn to handle your strong, deep feelings. Since your senses are so important, you should pay strict attention to them...

Mars is the planetary ruler of Scorpio, and the key phrase for this sign is “I want.”


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
Your natal Moon in Scorpio tenants the 5th house in your horoscope. This house has regency over your emotional nature. It relates to children, entertainment, public places, your social life and pleasurable activities. With the Moon influencing the 5th house your life will be one of very intense social activity, including the development of work in places of entertainment, such as the theatre and other environs where large crowds come together.

This influence of the Moon tends to make you somewhat extroverted, perhaps in spite of your own desires. Whatever the psychological implications of this may be, this lunar influence denotes tremendous change and fluctuation in matters closely connected to risky and speculative transactions, with much time and effort invested in acquiring money. From another point of view, this influence inclines your personality to be devoted to pleasure and the gain thereof. Your affections, unfortunately, aren’t altogether stable or profound, and there is much inconsistency and superfluous adventure in your love affairs.

Most of your energy will be devoted to obtaining success with the opposite sex. In fact, this will draw from you a lot of energy that is required for other activities. At times you may err in choosing as the object of your affections someone who doesn’t deserve your attention at all. The Moon’s influence in the 5th house may also refer to the breeding of a child who will become famous (or notorious), and then creating undue effort on your part to maintain (or contain) this reputation. Simultaneously, and despite your healthy hedonistic inclinations, you may find that children require a special attention from you, and that gradually your life will become very involved with the rearing of children.

In love you’re imaginative, resourceful and able, but perhaps a little morbid. Your sexual tastes are not uncommon, but a little peculiar. Situations that may bore another person could be a source of interest to you. There’s much independence in your affective relations and – whether or not to your benefit – you’ll create an independent path for love in your life, defying even the slower tendencies of the conventional environment. Be on the watch for intrigues in public places that you frequent, for they may cause you harm. Enemies could be made with females, and they are very dangerous from all angles.

You dislike counsel or advice in love matters. You’re fully capable of resolving any situation, especially if it applies to the more subjective side of your activities. As a person with a strong taste for pleasure, you don’t require much encouragement to start a deep relationship with another person...


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
The Sun in Leo squares (90° aspect) the Moon in Scorpio in your horoscope. "Aspects" are the angles the celestial bodies were making to each other in the Heavens at the time of your birth. Some are favorable and some are unfavorable, depending on the angle of the aspect.

The square between the Sun and the Moon in your horoscope means that you will have some difficulty in using your resources to satisfy your desires. You must make enormous adjustments in order to get what you want from life, and you bitterly resent this. It seems as if you never have quite the right training for what you want to do, but you make only halfhearted attempts to acquire the training you need to succeed.

Although you want the “good life,” you’re not willing to discipline yourself to get it. You’re at odds with important people who will not accept you unless you can prove yourself by demonstrating a willingness to work. Your negative response distorts the information you receive, which makes it more difficult to learn from your experiences.

Generally you react to stimuli in a way that is not consistent with achieving the recognition you want. The frustration you feel has inhibited your character development – and is a problem in other areas, including domestic matters, social relationships, emotional interests, and your professional affairs. Your lack of success in these areas shows that you have a lot to learn before you can expect to reap any rewards.

You must learn to bring your emotions and your will into line and subdue them with intellect and organization. You seem to think that any response will satisfy the will to achieve status, but you will have to realize that only hard work and self-control can get you what you want. What you gain from your habitual actions is inadequate to your needs, as can easily be demonstrated. For one thing, you haven’t progressed from obscure positions to one of responsibility, like the increased responsibility of supervisory and management positions. Also, you either haven’t been able to win favor with people in high places, or you’ve done so by making concessions to them. If you can get your ego out of the way, you’ll accomplish many things.

You may have some problems in relating to the opposite sex. Comfortable domestic conditions may be impossible unless you can get that chip off your shoulder. You’re argumentative and defensive, probably because of your emotional insecurity. This can be reversed, however, if you’ll change your combative attitude and become more compromising. There’s a serious misalignment between what you want and what you’re willing to do to get it. In other words, the possibility of realizing your dreams is in direct proportion to the investment you make.

Venus, the planet of love, was rising on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth, conjuncting the Ascendant. Venus conjunct the Ascendant indicates that you have a personable manner and social charm, which win you the approval of everyone you deal with. This is exactly the sanction you seek, for above all else, you want to be accepted. You find it easy to make whatever compromises that are necessary to get what you want.

Although Venus on the Ascendant usually adds charm, sociability, and good looks, it can also bring self-indulgence, which may cause health problems if Venus is adversely aspected. Witty, with an ever-present sense of humor, you are able to attract and influence other people because you are so pleasant, such a good conversationalist, and so sincere in your approach. (Men born with Venus on the Ascendant on usually quite handsome, but very effeminate in nature.)

Fond of the finer things in life, you tend to associate with people who have similar tastes – in the hope of establishing a permanent relationship with such a person. However, you may not succeed in convincing everyone that you are only "acting" the part of the conniver. Regardless of the image you present to observers, underneath the facade is a calculating machine on which you count the advantages and disadvantages of every association or friendship, every social contact and social function.

You are clever in exploiting your best qualities because you know how to win admirers with your charming ways. You are usually well mannered and refined, but when you can't get what you want, you become extremely aggressive and demanding. Everything has to stop until your wishes are satisfied. You provoke people to take advantage of you, and then you are annoyed at their presumptuous attitude. Learn to tone down your self-seeking temperament and spend some time developing the more substantial talents that will make you worthy of the gifts you seek.


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Jun 30, 2004
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whew!!! :jawdrop: ump, ump, ump...
my brother, my brother, my brother. this is really uncanny. Its like you have a magnifing glass peering at my entire life. This is absolutely amazing. You touched on so many things that its kinda spooky and I don't even know where to start.

One thing you mentioned I'd like to explore further and that is the issue of working in the public. You hit the nail on the head about my need for recognition and so many other things and I think my career choice is reflective of your observation. If you check out you'll see that I do indeed work with the public and a lot of women, like you mentioned. I'm wondering if you have any ideas as to how I might acquire more business? The personal development industry is vast, more than 80 billion annually and very few black people are cashing in. This entity that my partner and I have created (we provide workshops and seminar training in stress management) is a vehicle that can capture a great deal of that market. We've been doing business now for 4 and a half years and its going much slower than I would like. Do you have any thoughts? We've been featured on BET News as a breakthrough methodology for people to relieve stress and there is a feature article from the Washington Post on the website if you get to time to look at. I'm really curious about what you might have to say and stand in awe of what you've said already.

Incidently, I thoroughly enjoyed you the other evening and look forward to hooking up again. One more thing before I go, there is some opportunity in Slam Your Stress that I would like to discuss with you at a future time, that's if you're interested. I look forward to hearing from you. Peace and thanks sincerely my brother, this reading was awesome and on point.

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