Black Spirituality Religion : Fraud in the Bible? or It Sucks That You Don't Know Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic!

Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
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Fraud in the Bible

It Sucks That You Don't Know
Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic

What is Pious Fraud?

Pious fraud was a common technique employed by early Christian writers to make a point. Their intention was to convert anyone and everyone by any means available. One of the more persuasive methods was to write a text and falsely tell others that it was written in first person. For example, the four canonized gospel tales were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. That has been a well known fact for about 200 years. And to this day, no one knows who the gospel stories were written by. These texts are perfect examples of pious fraud. Pious fraud is the foundation of the deception known as Christianity and it continues to this day.

During the first couple of centuries of the Common Era the early Christian priestcraft, which would eventually become the early Catholic fathers, were in the process of assimilating religions from all over Europe. Ultimately the new religion become known as the Christian religion, or more accurately The Catholic Church. The Bible was put together by hundreds of people who were either at the head of the fraud or were pawns in its assembly. Once the original languages were translated into Latin, it was only a matter of time before the original language nuances could be discarded. Ever wonder why it was punishable by death to read the Bible during the Middle Ages? Punishable by death by the common folk to read it, that is. Well, the reason was that the priestcraft was well aware of the errors, inconsistencies and flat-out lies that riddled the Bible. If the common man found out, it could have been the death of the Church's authority, power and control over the masses. And since the original languages are rarely, if ever, used by those who read the Bible (well, those who actually READ it), the fraud is perpetuated.

When a pious fraud is knowingly perpetuated in the name of power and money, you have deception. Remember, 1700-2000 years ago, when these texts were being assembled into a 'new testament', the vast majority of humanity was illiterate. Science was not known. Demons rules the world. Anything could be put forth and said to be 'absolute truth' when it was in fact, completely fraudulent.

What is the implication of this? The implication is self-evident. The story of Genesis, that Christian proselytizers love to advance (altho it is part of the much older Jewist texts), is a complete and utter forgery. In that story we are led to believe that there was a single god who created the earth, etc. in 6 days. Not only has science proven the timeline to be completely false, the religious aspect is a complete fabrication. At the time that the Genesis story was supposed to have been written the Hewbrew people were not monotheistic. That's history. They believed in many gods and Genesis proves it. The story actually goes back to before the Hebrews were a distinct people-it is not Hebrew in origin.

To read the rest, go here:

Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
College Student
Here's a little more taste of the article...

Pious Fraud in Translation

Let's take a look at the very first words of the book of Genesis. Note very carefully that the Hebrew culture, at the time of this writing, was not monothestic, but rather, polytheistic. Will your priest, minister or preacher tell you that? No. But you can find out for yourself with a simple dictionary.

The Hebrew word for God is el; the plural is elohim, gods. What is the first sentence in the Bible?

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Gen. 1:1).

Here is Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew (transliterated into the Latin alphabet, of course):

"Bere****h bara elohim," etc.,

"In-beginning created (the) gods (the) heavens and (the) earth."

In the same chapter the word "elohim" (gods) is used thirty times., Those gods are the ones who created the 'universe' in 6 days.

To clarify, here is the translation of the Hebrew text of Genesis 1. Notice how Jewish and Christian 'fathers' don't bother to tell you what the original text says. They would like you to believe that a single god created everything. But, they messed up big time and actually translated it properly. In plain English, the translation reads 'let us make man in our image':

Here are three examples of the Hebrew plural gods mentioned in Genesis: 1. "And-said elohim (gods), let-US-make man (adam) in-image-OUR, after-likeness-OUR" (1:26).

2. And when "adam" had eaten of the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge, "the Lord God" said, "Behold, the-man has become like one of US, to know good and evil" (3:27).

3. And when the Tower of Babel was being built: "The Lord [Heb. Yahveh] said ... Come, let US go down," etc.

When speaking of the Hebrew deity, Yahveh, elohim, (gods) is used in the Hebrew texts, The plural elohim is used 2570 times. It is always falsely translated to the singular "God", thus falsely making us believe that this text was written at a time when the Hebrew people were monothestic, when it clearly is the case (written at least 2570 times, no less!) that they WERE NOT.

In the three Genesis verses above, there are three different designations of the Hebrew deity or deities: elohim, (gods), falsely translated "God":

Lord God (Heb. Yahveh-elohim); and Lord (Heb. Yahveh). Yahveh is the proper name of the Hebrew God, which, in English, is Jehovah.

Yahveh-elohim is a Hebrew "construct-form" which is translated to "Yahveh-of-the-gods." Invariably these personal names were falsely translated "Lord" and "Lord God," respectively, for purposes of pious fraud.

Sun Ship

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Aug 31, 2003
Gods and elohim

Peace Brother, Pharaoh Jah

Over the years, it has been more than obvious to me, that the ancient Hebrews were a polytheistic people and closely related in culture and language to the Canaanites and I am not trying to exclude any other cultural influences or ancient origins. I think the truth about the bible and these people would be too controversial and religiously cataclysmic for the established religious hierarchies, throughout the world..

It’s amazing how so many well-educated worshippers are beguiled by the superficial pageantry of denominational religion and the empty rhetoric of verbose ministers. The most ardent believer never makes an attempt to study the bible in depth.

Matter of fact, it’s more than amazing.


Brother Sun Ship

Pharaoh Jahil

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Aug 2, 2003
Mother Earth
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This is for folks who think they know what the bible is all about but who really don't know anything.

People who allow themselves to believe there's anything sacred about a book that's been written in ancient, dead languages and adapted (because there's no such thing as "translation") and several more languages before the European rulers who enslaved your ancestors sat down and picked which bastardized, adulterated books would suit their purpose for global dominion and which ones wouldn't.

People so victimized and fearful that they can't shake the yoke of their oppressors no matter how much they see it not working.

That's what religion is for - a cage for your mind. Even when the original perpetrators are long dead, your mind and your descendant's minds are still trapped in this cage of their devising.

Christianity = Western Civilization

Western Civilization = White Domination

White Domination = Death To All*

*Even other whites.

Well, y'all finally get your "Armageddon". Western Civilization has made this planet unfit for human life and it is now in the process of ending it all for terrestrial life. And as the world runs down, we'll wage desperate wars and nuke up the place and the next race of dominant creature will find our remains and try to find some way to understand them.

I hope they don't find bibles.

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