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Jul 26, 2001
FRANKENSTEIN: Based on an Egyptian God?
By Andre Austin
(Note: This essay must be read alongside with the essay: The Eagle has landed)
In 1818 Mary Shelley wrote one of the most famous monster novels Frankenstein; which was second only to Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897). It was unheard of at the time for a lady to write on such a topic. Shelly was a maverick of her day and broke a glass ceiling of expectations of women of her time.
Very few people know that her book has two titles. The full title of her book is Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. The latter part isn’t a subtitle but an alternative title. That was the style back in the day to give a book two titles. According to David Icke Mary Shelley was a member of an unnamed secret society. See “The Biggest Secret” p.7
Prometheus was a Greek God who discovered or stole fire from heaven and gave it to mankind. Fire was symbolic of knowledge. The key to the Frankenstein book is knowing that Victor Frankenstein is the Prometheus figure that gives life to the monster by the fire of lightning converted into electricity. In modern times it would be the electricity of a heart defibulator shocking a human’s system back to life.
Around 460BC a Greek Historian by the name of Herodotus visited Egypt. He wrote “The names of nearly all the Gods came to Greece from Egypt. ..for the names of all the Gods have been known in Egypt from the beginning of time, with the exception of Poseidon (Symbolic of Earthquates and Horse in Homer’s Odyssey/Iliad) and Dioscuri, Hera, Hestia, Themis , the Graces and the Nereids”-Book 2:50. I’m focusing on Prometheus which was not included in the above quote from Herodotus. We may draw an inference indirectly that Prometheus is based on an Egyptian god. But which one or ones? Egypt has several hundred Gods?
Another Greek historian Diodorus, in book 1 of his Library of History reports to us that Prometheus migrated from Egypt to Europe. So now we are getting warm. And I pun on warm/hot. The most likely candidates are Ptah, the discover of Fire, and Thoth who is the caretaker of math, science. As a matter of fact E.A. Wallis Budge reports from his book: The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 1 p.516 that “Thoth was in reality only a personification of the intelligence of Ptah”.
In Egyptian mythology we have the Memphite Theology written on the Shabaka stone reporting:
“There took shape in the heart, there took shape on the tongue the form of Atum (Light). For the very great one is Ptah, who gave life to all the gods and their kas (sprit) through his heart and through this tongue, in which horus had taken shape as ptah, in which Thoth had taken shape as Ptah”.
According to George G.M. James’s book Stolen legacy: ‘It must be noted that while the sun God Atum sits upon Ptah the primeval hill…four pairs of males and female gods appear called the Ogdoad or unity of Eight-Gods” p. 140. This is the original story of Noah and the eight souls who survive the flood in a boat.
When Frankenstein is created he is on top of a hill and fire comes down on top of the hill. This was one of the jobs of Ptah to put light, fire on top of the hill in conjunction with his creation. Is this a coincidence or is Mary shelly following the same sequence found in mythology.
The reader must also read my essay The Eagle has landed. Not only will you get the connection and link up the dots with Ptah and Prometheus but learn about Noah’s flood as the Nile Flood and how Prometheus/Ptah play their roles.
“The Eagle is (symbolic) of Japheth”- The Christ Conspiracy By Acharya S p. 268
Japheth is one of the sons of Noah and the Eagle plays prominent role with Prometheus
“Turning to the Egyptian sphere, though, again we have a connection. The name Japheth in old Hebrew consists of three consonants, J-Ph-TH. The Ph and TH sounds are linguistically equivalent to a p and t, so we can write the name a J-Pt, In Hebrew, when combining the name of the god with another word, one would use a J for God’s name. Part of the name contains the same letters used for the Memphite Creator deity Ptah, so Japheth would be the same.”-101 Myths of the Bible By Gary Greenberg p.75

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