Haiti : France will pay Haiti back Independence Debt it extorted at gun-point


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Dec 11, 2006
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By Ezili Danto

July 15, 2010 at 03:38:37

Clinton, Bush, Monsanto's gift, and now France. Wow"how lucky can Haiti be? Clinton apologized, Bush co-chairs earthquake relief and France, well, France cannot be outdone. France will stay with us for 50-years and cough, cough, pay Haiti the Independence Debt (€17billion) back!

According to a July 14, 2010 Statement of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, France will pay back to Haiti the Independence Debt it and its Euro/US allies gathered together to force Haiti to pay. It took Haiti 122 years (1825 to 1947) to finish paying France and the endless debt and its continual modifications and recalculation impoverished Haiti for two centuries. (For more on the Independence Debt, go to HLLN Campaign Seven - Demand France Pay back the $22Billion Independence Debt: France Vertieres and Ayisyen Ginen)

This is amazing news. There's a catch somewhere. But its still great news because France had refused to even acknowledge they owed the debt to the people of Haiti. This is a good piece of evidence for our children that they've admitted to the Independence Debt. But, first things first. Besides being a good precedent, its a bold and courageous move by France. A big "Thank You!" goes to President Jean Betrand Aristide, the ONLY Haitian president to ask France to return the Independence Debt.


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