Brother AACOOLDRE : Four Horses in Revelations white, Red, black, green


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Jul 26, 2001

By Andre Austin

These Horses are to be viewed as sets of two like a binary literary creation

1. White Horse is Venus= Love

2. Red Horse is Mars= War

Combined these two and we have the Emperor Domitian, the Prince of Rape

3. The Black Horse=Saturn Balance scales of food

4. The Pale-Green or blue green Horse = Mercury is death/famine/spoiled food

Combine these two and we have St. Paul

Some writers like Joe Atwill believe all 4 horses are aspects of Emperor Domitian.

I found it strange that the letters of James, Jude and 2 Peter all lampoon Paul as a Horse, Donkey and a mule. The Letter of Jude implies by innuendo that Paul, a member of the tribe of Benjamin whose symbol of the wolf divides up food like wolves only among themselves (Jude 1-16 & Genesis 49:27-28). This requires the reader to know Paul was being satirized as a castrated Venus star (Evening/Morning star) and apply it to the wolf who in the Morning devours its prey and in the evening divides the plunder. Clearly Paul is a wolf in a Shepherd’s clothes that he accuses others as being.

Also the scales dropping from the eyes of Paul and he immediately getting hungry for food (Acts 9:1-19) is a typological link with the Black & Green horse in Revelations chapter 6. These are the only parts in the NT were scales and food are talked about together.

Also Paul speaks like Hermes (Acts 14:12). Hermes in Rome is Mercury and in Egypt is Thoth. Paul did his famous famine relief by going to Egypt to buy grain in the 40’sAD. With the black it states “A measure of wheat…” The eye of Thoth were used for the symbols for the various fractions of the eye were called hekat, which was also a unit of volume used when measuring grain.

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