Black Poetry : fountains showering and mountains towering all around visible for miles got renown digital styles th


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May 11, 2006
fountains showering
and mountains towering
all around visible for miles
got renown digital styles
this is BLACK HIP HOP and smiles
in VIRGINIA BEACH on every side
in the office squeeze file folders
but here the wind seize his shoulders
and turned me around
he see a girl was concern about her brown
body so he down for a party
we can get quarter pound at HARDEE
BEACH fly and she got a peach pie to spin ya
head around this deal original
and it's a real signal
like data
in this type of matter
because cell phones scatter
information OK yall batter
up, he's hitting a home run
before the wrong is done
in the newspaper number one
abandon duck nations
through random fluctuations
try be glamorous on the job
but like a clamorous mob
this stuff is loud all day
and can crowd a hallway
drastic wanna marry and prevail
live happily like a classic fairy tale
like a blast this stuff break glass
go to the club want cake fast
“SO GIRL you got all type of cake
and like slate
you fined grain
but your mind is drained
of love so it's time he claim
her as his girlfriend
boo you make his world spin
look girl got stamina
like the world of a camera
make motion pictures
then write an ocean of scriptures
so girl in late june
you probably buy great perfume
love all over the place
let me hug your waist
and on the rug wanna taste
your lips like critics
he can get analytic
she should let him hit it”
“NAW PLAYER she's a brown Soul Sista here
and her panties are sticky
and you want candies quickly
thirst online
for the first time
you need a chick quick
write proceed with a Bic
her skin is brown
her head spin around
but you wanna go down town
wow her dress is down
gonna stay that way a hound
on the loose
that cause goose
bumps and produce
junk, and like I told you
it's the old and new
he's out and about with class
and some doubt has been cast
some of these boys stout wear a mask
backed by tradition
but a lack of conviction
inside a car there's restrictions
the deal is it's fun flirting
but feel uncertain
sometime so the curtain
close on her day
but there's a rose on display
her body hot and greasy
and it's not easy
to do the right thing
and tonight his bling
shine in her eyes
he want her fine pies
“OK BOO got a true hummer
and like a newcomer
from out of town
and no doubt you brown
so really lets lay down
thunder in the air
as he stand under a glare
and wonder about this affair
wet romances
lead to a set of circumstances
now he get chances
to kiss her lips oh a brown
girl go through a lot
boys don't know rather its true or not


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May 11, 2006
mountains towering
and fountains showering
it's a spring of water
wear bling to slaughters
and my thing is to order
skills I got a fish name flipper

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