Black Relationships : for all the brothas out there... a serious question


going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001
Funny, with all the so-called beauty of these other races why do they try so hard to look like sistahs, i.e. sun tanning, lip enlargement, breast enlargement, booty enlargements, melanin injections And to add the men of these other races of women (who are supposedly so beautiful) are always trying to get with sistahs (mostly on the down low) while talking in open about how ghetto she is, or how big her booty is, how she is out to get you, and all the other b.s. There is nothing more beautiful than an sistah except another sistah. You can't compare the copy (the copy = mankind=Caucasians and Caucasoids; Caucasoids= Caucasian subgroups, Latinos, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, etc) with the original / Hue-mans (Black woman and man).

:qqb013::11900:Yall need to get out more. :help: There are some female out there that are perfectly happy with the way they look. And they look fine. :terrific: Now, our amerikan influenced females may go for that. But see some totally immersed in their own culture....

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