Black Poetry : FLASHBACK


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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles

The way you call my name during ... you do me proud
And it strokes my ego when you do it L~O~U~D loud
In the midst of huffs and pantings that puts grunts over groans
Particularly when you do it in obscene, vulgar tones
Grabbing my arm, burying your fingernails in my wrist
Matching my pelvic movement with your own in our cozy, private tryst
Scrunching your eyes closed as I stroke your cut, out and in
Then opening your eyes in surprise after you've nutted one-mo'gin
Leg muscles and ***-cheeks twitchin' as if you were an epileptic
Knowin' when we're through we're both gonna need an antiseptic
'Cause all the nasty-freaky **** we're doin' it just ain't sanitary
But it makes for one hell of a **** session, despite confessions to the contrary
We're both ******' like porn stars with the strokes on the fast track
Limbs contorted in different ways, sounds of sex and an *** smack
Punishing your *****, and my fingers on your cheeks and *** crack ...
****, is it hot in here ... that was one hell of a flashback

Written by: K-JiO
(c) 2011


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
got me looking back in time from da bedroom joint


Well-Known Member
Jan 28, 2001
the near north
still doing yo' thang...but i see they've gotten much shorter these days. yeah, i know. they don't like LONG so much, any mo'

keep doing you.

the river floweth.


Well-Known Member
Jun 2, 2006
gsalt....gsalt....Oh my.....
I see you still serving the fiyah up in here. I've missed your steamy scribes bunches!!!

Much Peace & Luv,


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