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Aug 24, 2002
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I would like to submit the following attached opportunity.Qualified interested candidates can feel free to respond to me directly with their resumes and a cover letter.


Christine N. Farrier

Vice President

Marketing and Communications


7 Times Square, Ste. 2503

NY, NY 10036

tel: +212 931 4921

fax: +212 221 9860

cell: +646 420 3211


New York Analyst Job Spec

Company Background

Markit Group Limited is a derivatives, cash securities pricing and valuations company established in 2001. The company takes in pricing from all the main players in the industry, cleans and redistributes it whilst providing surrounding analytics for a range of products from Credit Default Swaps (our original main product, and for which we are the de facto provider of pricing for in the market) to bonds, loans and interest rate swaps. The results are also used in the valuation of trades for customers. We are fast expanding into other products as well such as ABS and other asset classes. The company has gone from 12 people in 2003 to over 220 people today with offices in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Spain.

The company is majority-owned by and enjoys the support of 13 of the biggest investment banks in the world, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank amongst others.

With the rapid expansion the company is experiencing a New York office was opened in the last 18 months. A need has arisen for new analysts to join the existing team to support clients/sales in the US and analysts more focused on supporting the business.


There are various roles available at the moment, depending on the candidate and role we offer them this will involve -:

Client Relations

Supporting clients, potential clients and sales in aspects of our service -:
Explaining the data aggregation, cleaning and redistribution process of data, and valuations based on this data.
Providing quantitative analysis of data and coverage for current and potential clients
Dealing with customer support issues such as website access problems, download issues, data feeds to and from Markit.
Explaining to customers’ aspects (quantitative and qualitative) of the credit markets, in particular the CDS and bond markets.
Other ad-hoc tasks that arise and are delegated to them, including some of the work described below for the Data Analyst position described below.

CDS/Bonds Data Analyst

Analysis of data to enhance our current data algorithms and output.
Assist in the management of index products. Markit manages the full suite of CDX products for the whole market including managing index rolls, publishing daily closes, co-ordinating the launch of new products and marketing for all new and existing products. Markit also runs the credit event auctions for defaulted entities to settle all CDS trades referencing the defaulted entity.
In time, act as a client liaison for the data businesses in the US. This involves working with clients to understand their needs to help ensure we are delivering what they need today and in the future.
Second level support for more specific client queries passed onto them by the CRT team.
Understanding and assisting in the enhancement of all processes for gathering data and redistribution of data to clients.

All roles are client-facing.

To be effective in this role the candidate will be required to acquaint themselves with the Markit database, data processes and results, as well as the products we cover.


The successful candidate will possess –:

Proven analytical, problem-solving and quantitative skills
A detail-orientated approach to their work
Ability and confidence to handle people across a range of areas within banks and hedge funds – anywhere from the CEO down
A solid interest in finance and in particular financial markets. Experience in this context will be viewed upon favorably particularly for the Analyst role.
Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
Excellent excel skills with knowledge of VB desirable
Knowledge of SQL would be preferable, but not essential. Note the successful candidate will be expected to learn this
Bachelors Degree in a quantitative subject

Both roles are an excellent opportunity for recent graduates to establish themselves in the financial markets industry.
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