Black Relationships : Female Best Friends in United Kingdom Soul Style


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
You knew me wild drunken to the liver shivering in my sneakers watching the lights dizzy from that bench near the london shows barely seeing mcdonalds to peterborough to ipswitch to cambridge to huntingdon to birmingham and more places you came african french jamacian style sobering the real me and homie up without no worry cause we couldn't get in the clubs rowdy so called african americans from michigan and south carolina stuck in your two bed room apartment all too your good it felt great to be taken care instead of taken advantage of by angels on the real gave us yall pillows you slept on plus a couch to sleep snug and tight even asked us what we wanted to eat the next day though we all didn't know the future without a doubt yall in my hearts of heart fore real i remember the truth of real sistahs down for whatever you gave me power just remembering those hours sleeping swell woke up to a home cook meal in the morning sunday bright and early one big family and further Cherry i remember you when we met joint style i couldn't even roll one correctly you being from the islands so tall thickly composed nails extra braids long plump lips sassiest attitude what you want rudegirl annoying you to the nerves with my best island imitation voice comically to the gut falling over laughing too much some time when burned loud that fire to the chest i dayum near lost my lung like what the bumbaahclot hold it ninja cause she normal to this high embarrass to choke then i rolled my blunt and we got higher talking junk knowing your breasts had more milk than all my bones combined i had no where to go after running out of money not knowing it at that time so you kept me tucked inn covered me up in the next room when i woke up in the early morning you asked what i wanted to eat then walked to grab it a mile away leaving me in your home not as a stranger but a brotha from another mutha real as can be from the jump so i know my sistahs afar though near it is another story of betrayal to max i wish for my best friends back when i get my land planted with roses plush with vegetation plus the solar power works showing them i made it as that young black male account they invested in without hesitance returning real love as righteous currency electrified to see them at first sight again this time at the same height older still younger hanging with my cornsnakes and garden spiders poised to see me hopping along with the bunnies out the bushes you know me as the joker Cherry that's what you called me when texted and emailed even after leaving eyes separated by land masses and waters but like that song i will always be there representing the real cause you and all the other sistahs who truly cared was there for my mindset when it was ill sow i reaped real love you planted that grew over the years still growing to yield truths that appeal perceptively i got soul styles now thanks to the long and deep talk from that other island mutha in cambridgeshire after giving her son my clothes i wore once, twice or none to shoes and my books of music cds i had never eaten plantains before after being filled up with real knowledge and wisdom from the depths of your heart to a son in the wrong uniform i fought the powers to be and still struggling to be my own black man without the other half special special type of black woman though i got heart of your words still pumping clearer without fear when i'm stomping feeling stronger cause i can't cry as my tears might die dropping helplessly and sow how i came up was foul indeed though the rose within chose to bloom instead of quick pull out gat ya or rattatattattat ya or leaving a sistah stranded without no answer i got love for those who kept me pushing who knew me inside the real deep me who was quiet needing to be free as me and as me finally i got soul styles by the hours from my apex tower i kept they words of power a great river of encouragement flowing knowledge and wisdom nurturing the ill away for real solo i'm still walking my journey truer than my last times cause of real fam....

(Diary of a Black Man: Just An Illusion) Copyright 2014

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