Black Relationships : fellas will you commit to a woman with a bad reputation


Oct 27, 2004
be serious or get commited to a woman with a bad reputation? a woman who has been around the block in the past?


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Mar 21, 2001
it really depend on her mind set and where she been sometime you can't
change one who been around the block too many times but over all yes

I'll be back to express why i said yes .....................


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Aug 24, 2002
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My answer to this question may not be popular, but it is honest. As brother Rich said YES to becoming committed to a woman who has "been around the block"; I would have to give a resounding NO as my answer. There is a saying that men have: "Never try to turn a whore into a housewife". There are some men who pay this saying no mind. However I have personally witnessed too many brothers have their hearts broken by trying to ignore this advice. In addition to this, men talk about women who have lived this type of lifestyle. In the case of a man who has either...forgiven...forgotten...ignored his woman's bad reputation (which is necessary to be in a committed relationship with a woman like this), this attitude is hard to maintain once men start coming up to you talking about your woman: How she was a freak in bed...where her birthmark is...that sexy mole on her ***! To be fair any man who is involved with a woman that had previous boyfriends can be subjected to this. Although there is a considerable difference between 1 or 2 men talking to you like this, than 30 or 40 men doing the same. After a certain point, I think most brothers will start to become turned off. This does not even include the comments overheard when walking around in public. Even more seriously it doesn't include the efforts of neighborhood men who will continue to try and sleep with your woman, because they still think they can. My ultimate reason for not wanting to be with a woman that has "been around the block" is I couldn't respect her (for all the reasons previously listed)! Indeed I couldn't be with any woman that I didn't respect.


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Jan 22, 2004
Nope I won't, I agree with everything panafrica said. It's not worth it. If you couldn't respect yourself then I definately won't respect you. Now, I don't want a virgin, but I don't want a whore either. I want someone that doesn't sleep with everyone on the block. Some people try and give reasons why women do these things. I really don't care what reason there is for this behavior, I will not take a chance on a tramp.

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