Black Poetry : feel deep pleasure see a girl street treasure write in diary complete ledger her breasts too sweet t


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May 11, 2006
feel deep pleasure
see a girl street treasure
write in diary complete ledger
her breasts too sweet to measure
lots of phat action
leads to satisfaction
sweaty black thighs
ready to attack pies
a shame of myself
to come with game so stealth
leaving whack cats in lame health
words rich don't blame the wealth
not a wimp online
make a hot attempt to find
a chick real quick in due time
I be in car teaching
and that's far reaching
let down the top try shout
really want pie so I cry out
“NAW PLAYER boys say I'm sweet chocolate
they keep deep pockets like freak rockets
they wanna take off in bed
because I'm soft and lips red
oh a black Soul Sista go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH its true
boys want some whats a girl to do?
This is witty and graphic
its like city traffic
not looking for quick luck
a boy can pick me up
in a drop top
and go shop a lot
one did at Walmart
this is a tall start
boys crave tried to say
in a specified way
that they want some
but shoots don't come
fake if you want some cake
speak out don't be a weak dumb fake
vocab is the story of my status
have to use laboratory apparatus
along with dope microscopes to see this
its terrific and scientific when I be kissed
when in an affair reminisces
while boy throw air-kisses
without making contact
no doubt taking a step back
let them land on my jaw
a boy's plan is raw
like carrots a silly wabbit
can grab it loving is a habit
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
exact at the tip top
in VIRGINIA BEACH chilling
boys try but It's thrilling
keep my skirt down
boys try work around
that doe but I say nope
hard to be sweet and stay dope
oh a black girl panties are wet
and boys will never let you forget
that, this boy gazed at my hips
its amazed how he strip
me with his eyes my mind trips
in the skies boy wanna do asinine flips
of my pancakes like IHOPP try stop
that, oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA go through
a lot especially in drop top whoopee-doo
understand this
boys demand a kiss
far as my body parts kiss it on the flirt
hips shake , lips make this artistic work
ballistic and alert because my dress is down
aw ha! You just wanna mess around
with the phat lips on my thing
then you'll feel like a wing king
I have cake no doubt
this boy wanna make out
come with naked clout
I'm black with soft lace
but its a smack across the face
if a boy try get some and run
I remember I was at Walmart stuck
in this boy's parked truck
guess you call this dark luck
because my dress was up
and my breast been sucked
oh yes my hair messed up
so really I best duck
this could be a major waste
incident has flavor and taste
have good behavior and lace
cake is soft its thunder down there
he wanna take off my underwear
a boy in a truck don't care
in my mind thought and wish
but really a caught fish
and this boy is MOBY DICK
may get a whale of a stick
usually rap soft and sweet
but like a slap across the cheek
this stuff can wake folks up
and some take a poke in the gut
“LOOK BOO I'm a proud dude of rhyme
with a loud attitude online
but no date it's a rude time
girl you got class and clever
and I think your love last forever
look dumb art
will come apart
so boo I want some here at Walmart
my car in the parking lot we can depart
what you say huh?
I wear Timberland shoes and proud
but yo a huge crowd
has gathered outside
they may throw rocks
because my flow is hot”
I'm buster and nervous
should go back to customer service
with lyricals I itch
they're made of materials which
which could twist your wrist
and consist of a hardcore kiss
that could wreck pies
reminisce and specialize
in hot shot sex
making a drop top very complex
try rhyme lyrics
in mind and spirit
“OK PLAYER know drop tops been craving
for a ride cruising on LYNNHAVEN
PARKWAY it's smart to say
that this part just may happen
because you stand in the population
with a planned operation
that involve the bed
words doing a job on my head
wanna turn my doorknob while my lips red
oh a Black Soul Sista see a lot
and our thing be blister hot
you sprung over some smelly ish
while I was stung by a jellyfish
and now above the rim
and really love to swim
plus go to club and see Tims
so I wear kicks that make tracks
I string them up onstage playacts
its all lyrics and rhyme
for a period of time
one December
I remember
one boy wanted to suck my breasts
its really hard to duck the stress
have to duck this guy
or get sucked dry
like AFLACC that's how a duck fly
oh gosh my breasts was poking
my dress was half open
oh my thing was so wet
I was ready to go get
tissues that are Kleenex soft
lead to an extreme sex wipe off
rap wise and strong
and capitalize on
love stuff
in the club enough
rhymes use to good advantage
and never do hood damage
come to my hormones should manage
but they wet today
hard to get away
OK we love each other
this is VIRGINIA BEACH butter
we can travel to CALCUTTA
well he done hardcore rapping
didn't suck my breasts left before that happen
OK one day me and this boy
was walking and talking enjoy
doing that oh my body roast for kiss
and I had to make the most of this
my deal is to flow it
and be heroic
and yall know it
stunt more
at the front-door
and punt more than foot-ball players
some cats never learn
and like a clever firm
employ folks
while I write and toy with quotes
this stuff been known to destroy boats
I try be romantic
but the TITANIC
is in play ask KATE WINSLET
guess thats why my thing been wet
right here in VIRGINIA BEACH
in nice words
this boy's iceberg
wanna collide inside my thighs
like data I'm collected
and my matter is corrected
before you shatter must protect it
like a clutch will not engage
just too much on this hot page
my gears don't turn
I'm here to learn
how to escape
with this cake

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