Black People Politics : Federal law enforcement document reveals white supremacists discussed using coronavirus as a bioweapon

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006


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Apr 7, 2013
I've been following the reports that the Corona Virus is a blend of three viruses made in a Chinese laboratory which either got out by accident or on purpose.

Does this make sense? White supremists are going to take a spray bottle filled with infected spit and water and run up and spray people. They are going to need this sign :help: because what adds to the extreme danger of this CoronaVirus is how rampantly contagious it is. It is a Super Contagion! So they will be the first to get it with their ridiculous thought of self genius. A spray bottle -- like they wouldn't be included in that airborne spray from a bottle?

I am so glad this article is posted. Even if they had the spray bottle wearing the hazmat suit. How are they going to get out of it with out infecting themselves from all virus blowing back on their suits?! :roflmao: Good one!

Well maybe the'll lace somebody's coffee with the virus. How? With an eye dropper and a hazmat glove? Can anyone round up the virus and keep it contained? If it is in the open in any way, it is out to infect nearby people and floating with the wind for the life of the virus.

Have you seen this one?
An orange cat looking out the bottom of a glass door. A sign is taped to the glass above him. "Please don't let the cat out no matter what it tells you." A note pushed through the side of the frame, "Open the door. I have toilet paper!"

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