Black Poetry : Feather In The Wind (victim of slavery)


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Praising The Lord

(from my sister eyes)

Guiding me in a direction toward the light
I’ve become a feather in the breeze

It was a path that we were taken to.
Enslaved captive confined and caged.
And the women cried out loud.
Come save me from this domain.

Yet our warriors feared them.
And we feared them as well.
Creature that we never seen before
Came and invaded our land.

Was it the color of them that added to our fear?
Was it the horror of the pain inflicted?
That helped them that scared US to tears

Is this all a terrible dream?
That I will never awaken from.
My body batter, my virtue stolen.
My children taken and gone.
They not know a Mother love
Or a Father teaching.
I just want to fly away.
Like the doves the eagles

I cried the cry of our Fathers
I cried the cry for our Warriors
I cried the tears when I seen
I was lost from my brothers.

It was a battle
I felt alone.
No one came to save me.
As they took all of me
And left my remains
The savages.

They took my child from my arms
And a price tag it adorned.
No gentle kiss from my lips.
He was gone
She was gone.
All was gone

Can I become a feather
And soar up toward the sky.
Toward the western horizon
With my beautiful child.

I fear we have no Warrior here.
Because none will take up arms
To release US from the hateful grip
Of these foreigners.

I’m a woman crying the tears
Of the one before US.
The ones who cried for our men
To help
To come
And save US.
I didn’t understand why
You never grab your spears.
When you heard the maiden cry
Could you feel our tears?

I know now you didn’t know then
That you had nothing
to fear.
Now's the time feel no shame
We have work to do still

We have to stop the foreigners
From taking our children again
We are many
They are few.
Let's become rulers again

We are the lost tribe
that many
have spoken and written of

We are the mighty tribe

The Warriors
of Africa

We was lost but not anymore
And we witness so many horror.

They have no more tricks up
there sleeves.
So stop them from
Raping Our Nation Our Culture

I want to be a feather
And fly away in the wind
But that won't stop the pain
I feel When I think of my people again.

I can't become a feather
and fly up toward the sky
Because my life is here on this plain
With Our Father Our Warriors Our Child.

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