Brother AACOOLDRE : FBI HOOVER FATHER WAS BLACK: how he passed as white


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Jul 26, 2001
FBI HOOVER WAS CLOSET BLACK: And how he killed for it

By Andre Austin

On Youtube I just finished watching a documentary about J. Edgar Hoover big, dark secret that he was black. This also might explain why he decided to be a closet homosexual. I love me some internet and Youtube because we can tell eachother the truth.

Millie Mc Ghee, a black woman, has written a book “Secrets Uncovered” documenting much research proving that J. Edgar Hoover is related to her. Mc Ghee also hired professional genealogy specialist from Utah, where the best kept ancestry records are kept. Millie was on a crusade to prove and match black oral history with white documents. A feat that ends in victory.

Combing through the incest we see a white slave master Christian Hoover (b.1796) having sex with a slave producing Elizabeth. Christian Hoover doubles down on his own incest and have sex with his own slave daughter Elizabeth to produce Emily in 1840. Emily is technically his daughter and granddaughter at the same time. But it doesn’t stop there it gets bigger not better. The same year Emily is born Christian Hoover gives birth with his white wife Mary to a son Christian (Kit) Hoover.

Obviously Emily and Christian (Kit) get no memos from their father that they are half brothers and sisters because they give birth to a son Ivory (Ivery) Hoover in 1859 making it a compounded triple incest birth.

Ivory becomes the biological father of J. Edgar Hoover in 1895 at the age of 31. J. Edgar Hoover mother marries a white man and pretend on paper to be his dad. J. Edgar Hoover would graduate from law school in 1917 and became special assistant to the Attorney general in that same year.

In 1917 Hoover has his black father murdered and another black family member Mazoola in 1927 to keep his blood secret. Ivory is honorary white because he’s buried in a white cemetery. In 1921 Hoover becomes Director of the FBI without filing his birth certificate until a forged one is produced in 1938 the same year his mother dies.

Two mysterious fires at the building in the 1920’s and 30’s where records of Hoover birth are kept. Many suspect arson and that Hoover was behind it and had it done. Many of Hoover records are erased, smeared, changed or whiten out. Many of the Hoovers on the white side accept Millie’s findings as true and correct and have taken pictures with them in solidarity.

Early in Hoover’s life he wrote a Sunday school pamphlet titled: “If I had a son”. Hoover sated that if he had a son he would be frighten and that he would never lie to him. For Millie this was a smoking gun and a dead giveaway that he was a closet black and passing for white. By being so hard on black people nobody would suspect he was black. By being so indifferent to gay people nobody would suspect he was homosexual. Maybe the mafia knew both of his secrets.

If Hoover would have had a son his hidden black genes may have tipped off that he was black. To keep everything on the down low he became a homosexual to hide his hatred for blacks and himself. This also explains why he wanted to snoop and find out secrets on everybody who was anybody.

Our students in the public schools need to be taught lessons like these. They need to be able to critically think on how things are, (Like it is) and not how we wish things to be.

Hoover dies in 1972 being pure evil in his treatment against black people; his own roots he found was too dangerous to be himself. I was sad and mad to hear Millie Mc Ghee forgive Hoover at his gravesite just like my people forgave the NAZI Dyland Roof. The only thing that I can’t believe and understand is that the United States government keeps his name on the FBI building.


Hoover hated Elvis because he danced like black people he called “Ni,g,gera Dancing”. Hoover loved two white people Amos and Andy who mocked black people as stupid and lazy on their radio program. He even took pictures with them to promote their show.

The CIA/FBI were involved in the assassination of JFK, MLK and RFK etal. The CIA should stand for “Cocaine Importation Agency. The CIA has killed in the USA:

1. Union leaders

2. Political activist

3. Journalists

4. Scientists

5. Artists


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Aug 27, 2010
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Civil Eng.
I agree, sometimes people go after the vert thing they are. When Russia was faced with it's first serial killer, the head of the people's party targeted gays to be investigated. Turns out he was one himself.

Thanks for the vid....



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Jul 26, 2001
Secrets Uncovered: J. Edgar Hoover-the relative (Third Edition)

By Millie L. McGhee

This is Part two of Andre Austin’s review

This is a follow up review I did original on a documentary I was able to download off of Youtube some weeks ago.

After watching the documentary I put in an interlibrary loan request for Mrs. McGhee book, which took about a week to come in. At the same time I checked out a book by Curt Gentry J. Edgar Hoover: The man and his Secrets. McGhee’s book is a heavy pitch, on the border of a sex novel between a slave relative and her white slave master she fantasizes as true blue love. Because of this union Millie states in her poem, (Universal Child p.256), that she has green eyes. However, despite this infusion of white genes she graduated from high school nearly illiterate. A fate that would become only a temporary condition.

Mrs. McGhee ( b.1947), maiden name is Allen and claims to trace her roots with the Hoover’s in Pike county Mississippi in the city of McComb. She claims the Hoover’s and Allen’s roots collide by mutual sex and incest. She asserts a disturbing claim that: “One reason I wrote this book was to show that not all the relationships between whites and blacks were abusive during slavery” p.53. McGhee stays balanced by stating her great, great grandmother Emily Allen didn’t want to have any girls being afraid they would become “bed warmers” on another plantation see p.109. One of these bed warmers she cites as a high yellow gal nicknamed “Sweet Anna” used by everybody being called the “Town’s Ho” p.90. She also cites a sex gambling game called “Climaxing First Game”. She explains this game as a slave master “would pick two strong male field slaves with two female field slaves, and use them in a sex game, taking bets and bringing in big money. The slaves had to have sex in front of a group of white men in the barn who paid money to see this show…the couples would start out fully dressed in the center of the barn…to win, the white men had to predict which couple climaxed first. If the slaves didn’t perform they could be killed” p.71.

Christian Hoover’s had sex with a female slave named Elizabeth giving birth to Emily Allen. Christian hoover had a son by his white wife and named him Christian (Kit) Hoover. Kit and Emily are half brothers and sisters and have a son named Ivery Hoover (b.1859). He’s given the last name of Hoover instead of Allen because he’s born on November 24 the same month and day as Kit.

Ivery, I believe is a pun for Ivory a synonym for being white in color is no coincidence. Ivery marries a black woman name Ary (Arie) in 1879. They have several kids together and one of their daughters is named Mozilla (B. 1896-1927). Mozilla tells her daughter Louise about her grandfather Ivery having an Affair and having another family p.20 and is murdered by J.E. Hoover for running her mouth. This other family Ivery was sexually tied with is Annie Marie Scheitlin-Hoover, from which the author claims is a mulatto p.54. The thesis of the book claims that Ivery and Ann hook up and give birth to J. Edgar Hoover in 1895 who later would become director of the FBI in 1924.

J.E. Hoover’s father on paper is Dickerson N. Hoover, a relative of Christian Hoover. Dickerson and Annie lived in DC. McGhee claims: “In the 1910 DC census Anna (Annie) is missing. She showed up in Pike county, MS in the 1910 census with Ivery Hoover. We believe this was during the time her husband was hospitalized” p.54. He was in a sanitarium but released in 1917 the same year Ivery was murdered she believes was had done by J.E. Hoover . Mrs. McGhee didn’t past this 1910 census in the book or I overlooked it. Another problem is that she can’t or didn’t publish any pictures to compare Ivery with J.E. Hoover. And it should be noted J.E looks nothing like Dickerson, although he’s a true D.i.c.k.

Another problem with Mrs. McGhee claims centers around some clues she cites. The first clue she attempts to center around an event in 1917 but the author Curt may refer to 1921. I will let you read on.

“Clue #1 p.58 We found this clue in the Curt gentry biography on page 116 (+ 117). It states, considering the meteoric rise, Hoover should have been happy. There are reasons to believe he wasn’t. The same year Hoover was appointed assistant BI chief, his father died of “Melancholia” p.116-117 (J. Edgar Hoover: The man and his secrets By Curt Gentry). The problem is Dickerson N. Hoover is treated for depression in a sanatorium and dies in 1921 the same time frame that Gentry gives Dickerson on page 116 is in context with 1921 not 1917. Ivery dies in 1917 with no explanation on his Death certificate as to the cause of death. Hoover receives his first three promotions within the Justice department in 1917 and doesn’t come into the FBI until 1919. In 1921 Hoover gets a promotion as assistant FBI chief in 1921. However, Hoover was involved with some apparent FBI activities in 1917 two years before the FBI histories say he was assigned (Gentry p.73). Mrs. McGhee first clue is no clue because you can’t fit a square into a circle of speculation.

Hoover comes into the FBI official in 1919. Also in 1919 William E. Allen is appointed chief of the FBI in 1919 (Gentry, p.74). McGhee states “The Allen Oral history stated, a family member appointed J. Edgar Hoover to the Bureau. The author’s great grandfather and uncle was named William Allen. He was the son of William Hoover. Could this be a cousin?” p.59 . Another problem is that the author doesn’t find out if this William E. Allen FBI director is a cousin or no, but leaves it up to you to wonder.

McGhee had Lucius A. Bowser, a genealogist and historian write the foreword to her book who states that her oral history was accurate and match up with her documents. McGhee newly found white cousin, Kristy Hoover-Sullivan said:

“Secrets that hide our identity create hatred and misunderstandings. To free our family they need to be exposed. Whether or not DNA proves our connection, Millie and I are here for the same purpose”.


J.E. Hoover was an enemy to black people. “J. Edgar never married, and declared he would never have children. He was afraid of showing his African-American genes, and grew up hiding his ancestry. He hated himself” p.60. I find Hoover not to be gay, gay but becoming a homosexual with his partner in crime Clyde Tolson as a strategy to keep on passing as white. Its already alleged he had two blacks, Ivery (Ivory) and Mozilla bumped off to keep up the deception. Could the Mafia had known these two secrets and blackmailed hoover with it. Clyde Tolson joined the force in 1928 and nicknamed Hoover “Speed”. Was “Speed” a nickname referring to Hoover’s rapid way of talking to help cover up his stuttering problem, or quick in bed or a pun on president Lincoln’s bed partner Joshua Speed? Like the Owl, ( that sees like the FBI day and night), that licks the tootsie roll, the world may never know!!!!!.

This book appears to be in part a list of braggadocios claims of infamous white folks that were running up and down her family tree. She brags on her great, great grandmother, Emily Allen, having babies by a big plantation owner Chris Hoover and Eff McComb, coincidentally the city in Mississippi is named McComb, where all these sex crimes take part. McGhee refuses to picture Emily as a rape victim but a willing partner of fornication, incest and adultery. As a slave and in reality Emily couldn’t of said no to the sexually appetitive of any white man in authority. FBI director Hoover was a disgrace to Law enforcement placing his bugs under the beds of Martin L. king and a whole host of other Americans. Hoover wanted to know the sex lives of anyone one of any influence but will kill, lie and cheat to mask his own family tree. McGhee constantly brags about her family members getting knocked up by white folks. Then she takes the cake by forgiving Hoover for knocking off at least two of her own family members so that he could pass for white and have a successful career in law enforcement harassing black people who wanted to be free of oppression. McGhee is no Alex Haley who finds his roots in Africa and know his true African name. This book is more like a sex tell all book finding her Roots in white men who craze black females. Don’t get me wrong I’m not condemning the book because the information is necessary for public consumption. It helps us get into the mind of Hoover, a white racist bigot who hated his own black genealogy. I can’t believe McGhee’s book was off my radar when it was first published in 2002. Nothing has hit this sex scandal this big since I found out the real identity of Obama’s father being Frank Marshall Davis. But that’s another story and another review.

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