Law Forum : FBI Agent Fatally Shoots Kidnap Victim In Houston Raid

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Oct 1, 2017
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Hmmmm. Looks like the Mexican Mafia and Aryan Brotherhood's M&M Gig A/K/A methamphetamine and marijuana alliance is being taken apart by the Aryan Resistance with a little help from the FBI.

If nothing else it would have made this obvious assassination appear somewhat legitimate if the FBI had the media blank out Ulises Villadares U.S. Department of Forestry patch on his hat.

180126-valladares-fbi-shooting-mn-1645_1eae68894af470e3a884814c84625e73.nbcnews-fp-360-360 (1).jpg




Now let's see if this so called horribly tragic senseless (Let's blame the victims relative) killing plays out like the Aiyana Jones execution.


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