Gun Ownership : Favorite Weapon?


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Apr 3, 2008
Dallas, Tx.
When attacked by a zombie your mind is a good thing to have in your head unless a zombie wants to take it off your sholders and eat it. That is when a good old 357 magnum with hollow point bullets will get his or her attention real fast. For personal protection and instant firing power that does not jam or have a safety, it is one of the best hand guns on the market. The only draw back is that it shoots a limited amount of rounds. For more rounds a simi-automatic Glock or Ruger 9mm with a 20 or more round magazine filled with ball and hallow point bullets altering spacing with each other will sit very well for getting the job done. A good high valosity simi automatic military rifle is much more accurate for home defense. For those who are squimish or get nervous when threatened at home , a 12 gage shotgun with 00 buckshot will more than compensate for your lack of a good aim. There are many different type of guns with larger and smaller calibers that are efficient and capable of getting the job done. However, the best one is the one that you have practiced with and are proficient with its use.That one is the best one for you to use. Peace

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