Black People : Fat Albert Show and Sesame Street Pre-Social Media.


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Aug 18, 2013
I had this notion a few days ago about the legacy of Bill Cosby and what Phylicia Rashad said about the legacy is being destroyed. I thought to say that Bill Cosby an early founder social media but they are defining social media as strictly dealing with computers. But like many modern forms of social media that contain; Podcasts, Video, Images, Music, Art display, old formats shared some of the same basic principles. The Fat Albert show was full of skits of Bill Cosby playing different characters and the entire show was about teaching children life lessons. I grew up watching this show and I remember also at the same time watching Sesame Street. Now Sesame Street was another show to me fits the category of pre-social media. Both of these shows focused upon teaching children lessons through music, songs, tales and plays. Both of these shows were founded by African Americans with one of the founders being Hispanic.

A social media is a brilliant teaching tool from online classes to youtube videos, truth, information, education and some wisdom can be exchanged through networks of people. There's no greater students than children and nor teachers who have they born ability to teach children, educate them as well as entertain them are invaluable to our community.

In moving forward we should make sure that in our treasury we include space for rewarding great educators. We should motivate our teachers by rewarding them with gold. What I mean is you should pay teachers well. Like build homes for teachers and professor minds so they can focus upon teaching and not upon how they will live. Their homes should be near our schools so this area would be an enlightened area with gardens, paved pathways, water fountains, theaters, court yards, coffee shops, mediation and prayer houses, book stores, cafes, libraries and technology and science centers with video game lounges, sports and recreational areas, soccer fields and: jogging, walking and biking paths. Teachers like students should eat and live well in an environment where they are shielded. Our garden where we grow our future minds should be well guarded. All across America you hear on college campuses stories of rape and crazy sex scandals. We should have our own police and security force. Teachers should not fraternize with students and/or visa versa. We need teachers who will be honorable and be role models for our children. Those who we can find that can hold such standard are priceless and we will reward them well. We don't need the most degreed person we need those who have talent and the born passion to be teachers and work with children.

If you agree and you want to move forward then support the ongoing efforts of Oyo Tunji and Gullah Gee Chee Kingdoms located in Beaufort County, S.C. They have already started youth programs and are in need of donations for books, supplies, computers, teaching tools, classroom apparatus, transportation, fuel and energy, salary for teachers, funds for field trips and guest appearances: Special education lectures. We need a treasury for an Elementary school, Middle and High school, Technical school and University. Funding for youth age associations so young people can learn to lead themselves. All this infrastructure can be support by your timely and consistent public donations and our volunteer youth corps can support the infrastructure.

I suggest we all send $15.00 dollars a month to them in the care of His Majesty Oba Adefunmi II which includes his Ogboni Parliament and the combined coalition of Gullah Gee Chee Nation. Send the money for education. This is a 7 year proposal to generate a treasury for various kingdom public works projects spurn by youth labor and their combined technical training and education. Write on the check or money order for: Education of Youth in the for purpose area. It is best to use an U.S postal money order as they are accepted everywhere in the U.S.

Send to:

The Kingdom of Oytotunji African Village56 Braynt Lane
Sheldon, SC 29941 (preferred method of contact)
(843) 846-8900

It's not a lot of money for anyone of you that's why I made the donations so low. I know a lot of Churches ask for tithes and that's 10% of what your family income takes in, that's a lot for struggling families. None of this money ever goes to improve the community in a way that matters. But this unique fundraiser campaign is designed not to exhaust you plus your $15 dollars will go to the Youth. When a 100 people give $15 dollars in a month it becomes $15oo dollars, 1000 people gives it becomes 15,000 dollars, 10,000 people becomes $150,000, 100,00 is 1.5 million. You want to know how Drawfs becomes so rich? They appreciate the value of small gold coins, they collect them. We don't have to beg for reparations we know they owe us for building their country now lets build our own countries up.

Here's Obama: talking about a similar concept making 2 years of college free for all and how they (Youth) will have to work for it.

I think the U.S needs to focus on making justice free first and affordable. Makes no sense to go to college and get a degree and then next day get shot by cop. But it's still a point in the right direction maybe we can still use this to our advantage as long we don't make the mistake of thinking they have changed. Nothing's changed we still have a long way to go and we can't get to the world I just described above living under oppression.

Support the our own Youth Corps program.

African Independence or White Supremacy forever? Your choice.

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