Black Sports : Fans react angrily to 'racist' ban on Serena Williams' catsuit


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Fans react angrily to 'racist' ban on Serena Williams' catsuit

Social media users have accused French Open officials of racism, sexism and ignoring the health benefits of the suit.

Social media users have slammed a decision to ban a catsuit worn by US tennis champion Serena Williams as part of changes to the dress code at the French Open.


Sports fans pretty much knew something like this crap was coming down the pike ever since Serena beat the ever living Polish snot out of Kristyna Pliskova a flat chested no talent skank of the worst sort. This washed out Euro immigrant used visual distraction as her reason for losing to Serena and the Tennis Association picked it up and are running full steam with it too. White female tennis players have worn jump style pantsuits way before Serena hit the court. I notice not one mention from anyone as to why Serena is wearing that suit. It's medical, if anyone cares, feel free to Google it to ascertain why.



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surely it was going to be a big reaction to it....but she okay with the out come just sad they couldn't respect
the medical side of her wearing it then maybe the rules need changing.