Black Poetry : fairy tales


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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
(this piece is so old but i think still relevant)

once upon a time long long ago
is the lie sistahs have been told
but it's not so

the love we seek
is not way back when
not a dream, not a fairy tale
there's love in black men

a suit, a fine face
or ghetto thug
still a black man
how we gonna call
a brother a scrub

calling him a dog
what's up with that
he's got to be a dog
if we make him chase
the cootie cat
instead of our mind
leaving that way behind

listening to shakespeare
tellin' us what love should be
hell, shakespeare's dead
and he didn't know me

talkin bout we want a king
or prince of the nile
but we aint gonna get one
with just a big bootie and a smile

how long we gonna hurt
before we learn
a black man's only gonna give
us what we earn

yeah, i know
"girl you must be mad
we been there for the black man
since the first day
and he left us for
the white woman anyway"

true, some did
i know that
we lost them to the war
and we aint gettin' them back

but i'm talkin bout the brother
who wants to love us
with his heart soul body and mind
i'm talkin bout the brother
who's achin to love a sistah blind

i'm talkin bout the brother
we hardly ever see
the one showin us his heart
but we wanna know
if he has a maserati

that brother!
the one who bought you a burger
with his last dime
the one you told your girl
"naw, he aint my man
he aint got no doves
and he aint fine"

you know, that brother
who walked in the rain
to fix your car when it broke down
the same one you told
after he got it started
"thanks, i'm going to see my man
i'll see you around"

the black man who always has your back
the brother who loves your ***
simply cause you're black

the black man
who always treats you kind
the same one
you always block when you're online

go head
keep spreading your legs
simply cause he aint got
another woman in his bed

go on
keep cryin into your pillow at night
cause you're chasin mr wrong
instead of mr right

keep telling yourself
everything is just swell

keep believing in the
long long ago
fairy tale.
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