Black Poetry : Extremely sexy


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Jan 20, 2019
Extremely sexy
You are juicy, sweet as the most juicy sweet fruit, extremely sexy girl. Touching on your burning fire with passion of skin, such sugar sweet, colorful, sensual and picturesque. I have amazing feelings, considering your divinely beautiful skin color. Juicy, sweet, dark skin. Exquisitely beautiful golden glitter dark skin of sweet appearance. Maximum juicy skin color. Increased level of sexuality. Turbo is sexy, hipper juicy, too hot. Over the burning hot well well, just shhhh, well just an Auch., I Squeeze my lips, and tongue protrudes with admiration and horny. It sounds so tender and beautiful. Sensually tender chocolate skin, sweet temptation of sincere love sweet juicy candy in the universe.
From you the libido rises sharply and there is a powerful energy of excitement and love and take-off of light feelings and some emotions of admiration. Your skin is like a jewel, shimmers with bright seductive shades of temptation - this is a masterpiece of painting, sculptural perfection of body shapes. You have a particularly unique rare skin color - the color of the strongest temptation. Every movement and gesture of your body seduces and hypnotically falls in love so erotically and beautifully, especially your eyes the color of black agate. You are my only cure for all ailments. All you want is my heart and soul, you are my highest dream in the universe. Aggressively craving sex only with you, to be an eternal part of you and the continuation of your soul and heart.
My love for you is a very beautiful erotic of love feelings. I feel only you alone, while everything else seems dead and alien. Your skin color is a gentle fire of love and sex. You ignite me with your powerful energy of love and my love grows and thrives becomes deeper and soars upward like a bird my soul dreams of you since childhood my sweetest dreams are your thoughts. My brain breaks from love for you, you are so beautiful, hypper is sweet and sweet that I am afraid to get diabetes by kissing you. You are the most ingenious thought of the millennium and the very eternity created by the universe, there are no geniuses of the gene chain simply, you cannot imagine something more beautiful than you are human and the divine mind is simply not capable.
Sex with you is the highest level of spiritual enjoyment in the universe. Your kisses lead you to a world far above heaven. You are stunningly gorgeous, I will love and want you forever and forever and dream of you every second imagining that you are near. After all, you are sweeter than honey and chocolate and nicer than a billion puppies and kittens. Your beauty is prosaic poetry long in eternity. I am drawn to you every second for days, I count the minutes when I can finally see you being in constant thoughts about you, in my thoughts I see nothing but you. And often I see you in my romantic dreams.
Your obsession is only increasing every day. You're too juicy. I would kiss your body for a day, and thank God every day for giving you. I'm Following you, I'm ready to go forever. The sun and moon illuminate you so beautifully like an angel from higher heavens. So prosaically exposing your beauty and love affair with you - this is the true beauty and the highest value of eternity.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich

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