Egypt : Exodus: Gods and Kings – Where are the Black Egyptians?


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Jul 14, 2014
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What i meant - is in the white mind I bet for them to not have the pigmented skin that we have is not fair

ever noticed just how much money white folk spend on tryin to get brown? they buy airplane tickets to jet off to the sun so they can come home brown - they say things to each other like you look healthy when theyve got a 'good' tan - they i even prepared to spray there bodies whith lord knows what sort of chemicals that are designed to turn them brown - only yesterday i was standing in a line behind a white girl whos tan was so deep it was crazy.... now just what goes on up in there brains with all this????

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What exactly is your ideology?!
I'll be honest. I like black culture forums, so I've signed up for this one, BX, and Lipstick Alley. I won't post too often, only on things that I'm really interested in. Nice to meet you. :)
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Miss you so much I hope all is well with you and yours!!
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You can skip rocks across water but if you're not building yourself up rock solid, you'll drown under pressure.
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Hi, Queenie. Love your posts. Even though I don't you, you must be some kind of remarkable and lovely person. Lets keep in touch.