Ethiopia : Enoch the Ethiopian: The Lost Prophet of the Bible


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Dec 28, 2005
Enoch the Ethiopian: The Lost Prophet of the Bible : Greater Than Abraham, Holier Than Moses

If Enoch was Greater than Abraham and Holier than Moses, why is there so little knoweldge about him in the Bible? Was the text on Enoch deliberately removed, overlooked and forgotten?

For those that don’t know much about Enoch here’s a little information: check out the website:


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Oct 21, 2005
right on time...

Thanks Sis Treasure Eyes for bringing this subject to the forefront; it's rarely ever touched. I await responses from all angles. I'm sure one of our bible saavy Brothers or Sisters will provide the answers I seek in depth.


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May 31, 2004
When going back to Biblical names that can be found in Geneses you need to be careful because in Geneses you have two families, one that symbolized good and one that symbolized evil. When you read the history of these two families you will notice that several names are imitated between them. Enoch is one of those names; also Jesus’ bloodline follows the names of the symbolically evil family, those of Cain.


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Jul 30, 2006
Just to Add

The generations of Adam are the two lines of descent from Adam, both ending in the name Lamech, which are given in Genesis. Lamech, the descendant of Cain, is at the end of one line, and the Lamech at the end of the other is described as the father of Noah.

Comparison between the lines
Taking the septuagint rendering of Methusael and Methuselah, and taking the Cainite line back two generations to make up the same numbers as the Sethite line, the following comparison is reached:

Sethite line Cainite line
Seth Yahweh
Enos (mortal) Adam (mankind)
Cainan Cain
Mehalaleel Enoch
Jared Irad
Enoch Mehujael
Methuselah Methuselah (Septuagint)
Lamech Lamech

The similarity seen in the lines has been noted since ancient times. Traditionally, this is explained by intermarriage between the lines, such as by the daughter of the Cainite Lamech marrying Methuselah, and naming her child after her father. The names of the Sethite line are traditionally interpreted as being more positive than those of the Cainite line, reflecting a negative attitude towards Cain, for example Jared being ruler compared with Irad being dragon, and Mehalaleel being praise of God compared to Mehujael being smitten by God.

In modern critical scholarship, it is explained more simply as the lines being copies of one another, the Cainite line being ascribed to the Yahwist, and the Sethite line being ascribed to the Book of Generations, the only differences being corruption of a few names, and the reversal of the position of Enoch and Mehujael/Mehalaleel. A moderate proportion of critical scholars also believe that the Sethite line was inserted into the torah in such a way as to deliberately attempt to distance Noah, traditionally seen as a hero, from Cain, traditionally seen as a villain, and consequently separating Lamech into two different people.

Some biblical critics have drawn the conclusion that, since Seth appears in the same place that Yahweh takes in the Cainite line, Seth must originally have been a god, with the biblical etymology given for his name (substitute) being a later folk etymology. An obvious candidate for identifying Seth, as a god, is Seth, a major god in Egyptian mythology. Since the Israelites, during their sojourn in Egypt, are usually identified by critical scholars as the Hyksos, this accords with the manner in which the Hyksos chose Seth as their chief deity, replacing the chief deity of their own henotheistic pantheon. Conversely, taking into account the Sumerian king list, the other prominent candidate is identifying the name Seth as a corruption of ****ti (more obvious in the Hebrew alphabet), which was an epithet of Marduk, the Babylonian chief deity (c.f. the Elamite prince ****ti-Marduk who fought with Nebuchadrezzar).
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