Black People : Ending The Slavery Blame Game by Professor Henry L. Gates Jr.


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May 10, 2006
How did slaves make it to these coastal forts? The historians John Thornton and Linda Heywood of Boston University estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders. The sad truth is that without complex business partnerships between African elites and European traders and commercial agents, the slave trade to the New World would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred.(Excerpted from Ending The Slavery Blame Game by Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.)

By Lokman
As you know, professor, your essay went viral creating a hung jury among Africa's progeny in the United States. For this, America's Ruling High Priests of Human Darkness™ are singing “Oh Happy Day! Praise Mithra—And Blessed be The Synagogue of Satan.”

Now, you may truly believe the salvo you fired. After all, at first blush, your article looks every bit the knowledge bomb! However, let Lokman drop a couple of napalm strikes of his own.

Strike One. Did you know there were a cadre of high ranking Jewish Generals, Lt. Generals, Field Marshals, and reportedly over 100,000 troops in Hitler's army? In a number of cases, some were even awarded the “Knights Cross”. The Highest Military Honor one could receive from “Da Fuhrer”. In brief, these Jews fought valiantly for Germany's Third Reich. They betrayed their own people.

Given what Jewish people suffered, professor, I can't imagine you being so cavalier and telling them: Had Your Elite Jewish Soldiers Put A Bullet In Hitler's Brain when given the chance, the Holocaust would have been impossible, at least on the scale it occurred. Nor can I imagine you writing an article to the Jewish Community entitled: “Ending the Holocaust Blame Game...”

Now, you may question the moral fitness, and/or argue Africa's complicity in the slave trade until you are breathless. But if you truly know why Africans were the sine qua non of the Atlantic Slave Trade (AST), and if you know the real raison d' etre for the slave trade itself, then you know why America Inc was going to make the slave trade happen by “Hook or By Crook”. Of this, there is no doubt!

Strike Two. The really sad truth is that without the birth of America Inc—her cabal of insurance underwriters—financiers—new military technology—shipping magnates, and industrious subsidiaries alike: shipping enslaved Africans to the Americas would have been virtually impossible—at least on the scale it occurred. (Bares repeating—yes?)

By the way, didn't those “so-called” complex business partnerships between the “African Elites and European traders”, eventually result in Europa Ltd And America Inc emerging as economic and military superpowers... leaving Africa further torn asunder—in derision—clutching a few caches of guns and ammo—whiskey and weed?...

Face it, professor, there were no complex business partnerships here between Africa's Elite and the aforementioned parties—This Was a Swindle for The Ages !!!

Nevertheless, buttressed by your wax, a segment of our black community has agreed to testify, indict, and convict our ancestors for sending their forefathers on that ominous one-way trip to the Americas. As such, America Inc foresees a time in the near future: When all charges and claims leveled against her “criminal enterprise”, will be dismissed by Black America w/o prejudice.

In any case, by way of a peculiar analogy, let me draw a nexus between a past and present evil—the chief architect of these evils—then close.

The Opium season is upon us. The half trillion dollar a year heroin trade out of Afghanistan has never been better. The Afghan narcotics economy was created by the CIA. While the Afghan farmers handle the labor—CIA assets control and run the heroin operation. All of which, is underpinned by American foreign policy.

As a result, the Afghan region has morphed into the top heroin producer in the world today. In fact, a Whopping 60% of America's Demand for heroin is supplied by Afghanistan.

The filthy lucre is laundered through the Hong Kong Exchange, The Bank of Shanghai, and a Menu of Middle Eastern Banks—not to mention an anonymous catalog of CIA Front Companies to finance their oft-times nefarious and duplicitous activities.

Question. Who then, is largely responsible for the Heroin Epidemic plaguing America and Europe today?

A. The destitute poppy farmers of Afghanistan and The Far East...
B. The Afghan Elite, (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) Assets & Money Laundering factions...
C. America Inc's: Banking-Military-Intelligence-Monetary-Industrial-Commercial-(Non-Commercial)-Political-Media Complex—whose aims are: Eternal White Rule & World Domination.

Now, if you cannot see that the Force Majeure responsible for creating millions of heroin (addicted slaves) here and abroad... and The Beasts behind The Atlantic Slave Trade are one and The Same: Let me give you the Straight Dope—No Chaser.

America Inc's High Priests of Human Darkness™ and Merchants of Misery, stood tall in the orchestra pit of hell and arranged our damnable pain and suffering. And because of their darkside incarnate—depths of depravity—blood lust and insatiable hunger for financial booty, they invented an unconscionable system of organized evil never before witnessed in the annuals of human history.

In short—they subjected Africans to a barbaric cruelty called the “Atlantic Slave Trade.” Indeed, it was America Inc's unholy Ruach that gave their wretched slave system of evil—life! When it deserved death—dressed in dishonor and disgrace.

In a word, America Inc is responsible for the “Satanic Slave Trade™” of Africans to the Americas, as well as their unspeakable “crimes against humanity”. And I, Lokman, on behalf of my African ancestors/ancestry: In good faith cannot, and absolutely will not accept credit for the atrocities, death and destruction Europa Ltd and America Inc left in their wake during their demonic bout with insanity.

Finally, Professor, if America Inc is looking for Black America to somehow “assuage their guilty conscience...” in today's adversarial climate—my guess is: They've booked a flight on a plane that has already taken off. Then again, there's the Amtrak station. Where they can go wait for a train that's never coming! © 2013. House of Lokman. All Rights Reserved.

Omowale Jabali

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Sep 29, 2005
Temple of Kali, Yubaland
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Excellent post!

Where else have you published this? I would like to share with social/politico network.


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Aug 20, 2010
We sure appreciate your thorough report. I agree with this. Don't forgive,forget nor ignore through ignorance. When everyone can get some true realization about the OUTCOME (where it has taken us to now) well we (former slaves) will continously play a role. Look at your role. Is it boring while you deal well try trick dealing might add some adrenaline to motivate a win!

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