Black People Politics : Embracing Tiny Houses,Solar Power, & Electric Vehicles is Economic Power


Oct 7, 2018
First lets break down the American dream. For many it is home ownership a nice car good paying job and the ability to raise a healthy family and vacation every now and again. That is the propaganda we are sold when begin to map out our lives in this so-called great American melting pot. But let us dissect what that means. First we need good credit to get a good payment rate on a mortgage which essentially DEATH PLEDGE From Anglo-Norman morgage, Middle French mortgage, from Old French mort gage (“death pledge”), With a mortgage we are agreeing to work off a debt until the day we die. That is the reason many states and the federal government are trying their damndest to keep the American people from looking at land ownership and tiny house living as an alternative to lifelong indebtedness to a banking institution. With a tiny home and a land purchase a person can spend as little as 60 thousand dollars to live practically tax free with no loss of modern amenities and have the ability to expand the homestead at minimal cost. Add to that a solar pannel and home battery which are getting cheaper every year and you can offset your energy costs for appliances, heating and cooling your home.

Plus with the added attraction of the ability to move for any reason simply and affordably and take your home with you.What we are talking about is not a trailer park home but a home you can essentially take creative freedom with in the design including hardwood floors expensive and chic fixtures and because of the size initially of the home having high quality is easily affordable. Couple that with the addition of an electric vehicle like the volt or bolt or even a Tesla and one can "Drive on Sunshine!" meaning the sun through your solar power system can be the primary fuel for your mobility as well. In fact most car owners who have purchased a Volt say they go to the gas station every 3-4 months and the biggest complaint is that the gas evaporates before you can use it!

What is even more telling when it comes to black communities embracing solar is that the Congressional Black caucus was threatened by the power industries lobbyists in 2012-13 who offered them money (for campaigns) in exchange for not pushing solar to black and brown communities with the promise that if they did so the power companies would attack urban communities with hiked prices to offset any of their losses Another great option on the horizon is earthship houses which are not mobile but inexpensive to build and completely self sustainable including a built in system of passive heat and temperature control and indoor gardening that makes use of utilized gray water.

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