Black People : Email This Post Print This Post It’s more than amnesty; it’s genocide for European-Americans

Keita Kenyatta

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Feb 7, 2004
Oh, ignore the Title People

Why was this so interesting? It was made so because white people consciously or subconsciously understand what GENE-OCIDE really is while we run around wanting to love everybody and to incorrectly think that THERE'S ONLY ONE RACE. My question in my book is a simple one: "When does an apple or orange cease to be an apple or orange"? The answer to that is; "when nature makes it other than what it once was." Why so many of our people have to be spoon fed is beyond me but I do that at times, just as it was probably done to me back in the day without my knowing it. Truth, like medicine is the only thing that I know of that has to be sugar coated before someone will take it. Below is how white people sugar coat it for their own people. Once I read it I was like...darn!!, this is pretty good...and if I was white I would surely bite.

No way to get around it. Uncontrolled immigration will lead to the genocide of Americans and Europeans such as the beautiful European American shown here!
by H. Millard
Comment by David Duke: I consider H. Millard one of the most brilliant writers and analysts in the European American civil rights movement. No matter what your opinion of race, read this article with an open mind and I think you will see the reason, decency and humanity in it. Millard is not talking about taking away the rights or suppressing any other people or race. He is saying that every people, including people of European descent have a right to live, to go on, to keep their identity, their characteristics, to maintain their heritage and traditions and to preserve their freedom.

Thousands of Americans go around with “Free Tibet” bumper stickers on their cars and are concerned about the demographic extinction the people of Tibet by the Chinese. Many of those same people would call “hateful” any American who would plead for the survival and preservation of European mankind in the United States or in Europe. Millard speaks about the reality of race, of genes, in a common sense and absolutely scientifically correct fashion, but the Jewish supremacists who dominate the media don’t want any other people to be concerned with their own survival, heritage and freedom. Only the Jewish people should be concerned about their existence!

Hence, they tell non-Jews that race doesn’t matter while they select immigrants to Israel based on their Jewish descent which supersedes the immigrants religion. A Jew by heritage who is an outspoken atheist critic of religion can immigrate from any nation in the world to Israel. In Israel, the Government will let a non-religious Jew marry another Jew, but marriages between Gentiles and Jews are not legally allowed. Many of the leading Jewish anthropologists who tell us that race doesn’t exist, such as Jared Diamond, tell us how great it is that new DNA techniques can identify who is a Jew (by genetics).

The idea that race doesn’t exist has become a weapon for them to reduce the loyalty of non-Jews for their own people, and thus increase the respective power of organized Jewish supremacists. This weakens resistance of non-Jews to the efforts of Jews for supremacy in media, politics and the economy. For instance, if a Palestinian who has been driven out of Palestine becomes convinced there is no such thing as the “Palestinian people” why should he support the resistance of the Palestinian people to the Zionists? If a European American becomes convinced there is no such thing as race, why should he resent Jews (who he perceives as no different) from controlling the American media and dictating American policy. Of course, Jews understand their identity and they want to preserve it.

Any Google search on the Internet will find tens of thousands of more articles about the threat of intermarriage to the Jewish people than any idea that intermarriage would pose a threat to the European people. So less than 2 percent of the population of America and Europe have far more articles on the Internet about the dangers of intermarriage than the other 98 percent of people.

Jewish-led organizations, along with Jewish-dominated media have long been the undisputed driving force behind opening America’s borders and changing America from an overwhelming European nation to one in which European-Americans will eventually become a small percentage. Read my book Jewish Supremacism, the facts are irrefutable. And now, they line up to support the new amnesty bill, a bill that could be the death knell for the European American people. As Millard says, it is nothing short of Genocide, and it is not done with marching boots, but quietly occurs across the United States. Yet, it has the same result as the classical images of violent genocide, the death of our people. Those of you who are not yet aware, read this article and wake up! Those of you who are aware, read this article and be motivated to do more for our heritage and freedom!

H. Millard Article: Genocide is the mass killing of a group of people as defined by Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of th


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Sep 12, 2009
Hence, they tell non-Jews that race doesn’t matter while they select immigrants to Israel based on their Jewish descent which supersedes the immigrants religion. A Jew by heritage who is an outspoken atheist critic of religion can immigrate from any nation in the world to Israel. In Israel, the Government will let a non-religious Jew marry another Jew, but marriages between Gentiles and Jews are not legally allowed. Many of the leading Jewish anthropologists who tell us that race doesn’t exist, such as Jared Diamond, tell us how great it is that new DNA techniques can identify who is a Jew (by genetics).

...Image that.


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Nov 15, 2009
I concur with the larger picture I think you want us to see, that of unity in every way as a people for survival. That said. White people are stupid. I don't mean that as an insult, but as a sore lack of knowledge. They call themselves white, but what exactly does that mean? Who of them asks that question? It is only relatively recently that white was used by them as a collective term for all of them. And only as a strategy against us. They have always warred with one another killing off millions and millions of themselves. The survival and preservation of European mankind "racial" unity among them is a myth, a romantic ideal that is pure fiction. They are war mongers within and without. And, they speak of the Jews as if they are not white as well. This is what I mean by stupid. All of them, the Jews included go back to a common stock of people collectively known in modern times as the Germanic peoples. They are a genetic mutation beyond albinism and the great lot of them parasites on humans (Yahweh's, AmenRa's creation). They are not a primary race. Their seat of power as white/European people lies with the Jews. Their capital is Tel Aviv whether they know it or not and whether they like it or not. This is probably for another thread but, historically the Ancient people of Kemet, referred to them as the impure ones, the people of ly Anaq, the Amu who could not receive resurrection from Auset. (They never called anyone Hyksos or gave anyone the title Shephard or King). Biblical Scripture refers to them as the seed of Satan, the ones who would bruise the head of Yahweh's seed/creation. The sons of Anak. Yisrael was admonished to not be unequally yoked with them (reproduce with them), to utterly destroy them all, sparing none. The Sumerians called these Germanic people's fore fathers the Anunnaki/Anunna. Enoch called them the watchers who rebelled and left their first estate. The Germanic People's, the sons of Anak, the impure ones, modern scientist have concluded, possess non human DNA. They call it Neanderthal DNA. Yeah, whatever.

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