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going above and beyond
Feb 19, 2001


The Evolved Amphibian
Aug 27, 2010
The Third Plane of Existence
Civil Eng.
Yes, a different and disturbing backdrop, but it all sounds real familiar, to me...

No spoilers, these time!


Here is an article explaining my point.

It seems that only other Black people have noticed (and appreciated) how the Matrix Reloaded sports a cast that is mostly people of color. Jay of points out that “there are an astonishing number of people of color, for a sci-fi movie.” noted, “People of color outnumber whites in the world’s population” so it only makes sense that “In the city of Zion, most citizens are people of color and many of the movie’s leading actors are black (Laurence Fishburne, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nona Gaye, Harry Lennix, Harold Perrineau Jr. and the late Gloria Foster.)” In that article they interview Cornel West, the famous Black intellectual who counts the Wachowski brothers as fans of his work asked him to make a cameo in the film. West further explains that the great thing about the multiracial casting that “It’s not just the representation in numbers but the humanity displayed.” For myself it was refreshing to see Black actors cast in roles that were not necessarily tailored as a Black character.

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