OldSoul : Elder Sister - 2 Minutes You Must Watch


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Jul 2, 2003
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Brother oldsoul
That was some real truth being told.
" going along, just to get along!
Thank you for sharing that
Say Nothing, you get nothing!
Say nothing, stand for nothing and protect nothing.
Why? Because of the usual saying, " I......don't like conflict".
Those who “go along to get along” have no backbone and destroy the foundation of any progress. They are enablers of those who are guilty of misconduct. This runs on many levels even in the pulpit especially. In order to get the tax status, preachers have to sell out the congregation. They are just as guilty as those in government who are being paid with tax dollars, who took an oath to represent fairly and swore to protect all the people.


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What exactly is your ideology?!
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Hi Sister,
Miss you so much I hope all is well with you and yours!!
Love and Blessings!! :heart: :heart:
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Hi, Queenie. Love your posts. Even though I don't you, you must be some kind of remarkable and lovely person. Lets keep in touch.