Brother AACOOLDRE : Egyptian marriage: from Bes to the best Man


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Jul 26, 2001
EGYPTIAN MARRIAGE: Bes to the Best Man

By Andre Austin

Bes, a God of marriage, protector of the house, he symbolized the jolly, good natured, happy go lucky, good eating and drinking. He also helped woman in childbirth. By coincidence Western societies have included a figure in the marriage ceremony called the Best man. Could this be Bes.

Isis was goddess of marriage contracts.

Hathor was goddess of marriage/love

Neith was goddess of marriage and unions with rings.

Mary is the most popular name in ancient Egyptian times prior to the birth of Christianity. Mary is a root word to Marriage.

So with all of these gods being associated with marriage how come we don’t find a marriage ceremony? When I was going to the university a white conservative teacher used the lack of a ceremony to mock the ancient Egyptian religion and try to prove Christianity was more superior. Well I got news for her that the origins of Christianity is partly from the Nile valley. Now an inferior father can’t produce a superior child.

Egyptians were the first to use rings as symbolic for unions/marriages between nations and people. The teacher from the university said that ancient Egyptian marriage was just a legal deal without a religious ceremony. She said they just moved into a house together and that was it. Well it seems to me that I read that very same script in the gospels:

Matthew 19:4-6

New King James Version (NKJV)

4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’[Genesis 1:27]and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’So then, they are no longer two but one flesh [Genesis 2:24]. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Wel, well, well I got more news for my teacher. The Hebrew scribes jesus quotes adopted the idea that man was formed in the image of God from Egyptian traditions. To trace the concept back to its roots we look at the Egyptians view. The Egyptians believed both that humanity was created in the image of the creator and that the creator had both male and female charcteristics. Egyptian texts depict the creator as having male female aspects and that humanity was formed in the creators image. This translates into Genesis as So god created man (humans) in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them (Genesis 1:27)”. Jesus says marriage of man/woman become one unit or flesh. Likewise the Egyptian creation myth at Hermopolitan (root word for Hermaphrodite), the creator was comprised of four males and four females (Odgoad coming out of the Nile), as a single entity (One flesh). Atum (Adam) also was called the “Great he-She”. Ptah, the Memphite Creator, also exhibits male and female characteristics. As one text puts it:

Ptah-upon the great throne ( see Psalm 29:10)

Ptah-Nun, the father who made Atum (Adam)

Ptah-Naunet, the mother who gave birth to Atum (Adam)

Now the best is yet to come. In my research I found a quote saying “I believe that nymphe (bride) should be derived from the Egyptian n3 Nfr (w)t which is used for young people of either sex” see Black Athena writes Back By Martin Bernal p. 334. I guess maybe this is why we combine Bride with Bridegroom.

Its poetic justice how fundamentalist try to degrade other cultures and religions and it comes out that their very religion is an offspring of the one their being sarcastic about. This incident happen 8 years ago and I knew one day I would come back to bite her in the As.s.

However, we as a people have went from “jumping the broom” during slavery days to now jumping from house to house. We have to come together and get it together. We have to get back to jumping the broom being a creative people with our own rituals we link up with God. Lets throw away jumping the fence to jump from houses.

Lets think of ourselves as the best, the very best that the world can imitate. The world already look up to us in our silliness in movies, music and madness. Lets give them something they can copy from the best that the blackman and woman being together in harmony.



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Jul 26, 2001
THE WEDDING CEREMONY: not Above the Egyptian one

There have arisen endless creative expressions of how to exchange the wedding vows and many are quite interesting, but the standard theme contains the standard American designed format. Little does the blackwoman know the entire wedding ceremony was taken from the whiteman’s history of being in the cave, which is referred to as prehistoric times. It was out of the caveman period that they devised the marriage rites and each segment of the ceremony denotes a particular aspect of their life in the cave. It has no black cultural background in it.

Most have seen the pictures of the white caveman walking with a club over his shoulder dragging the whitewoman behind him. This picture is the brunt of many jokes suggesting that this is how the whiteman claimed his woman. The following defintions explain how they came to use the seemingly timesless marital rites.

The Ring Is symbolic of the rope/cord or vine used to tie up the woman (The Bride) in order to conquer her and it was used to bind her wrists and ankles while kidnapping her from her tribe. This was done by the groom.

The Ring bearer Is the man who went with the groom to steal the bride-he is the one who carried the extra took 2 to 3 men to pull this heist. The attendants.

The Best man (may have been the god Bes from Egypt) was the man who went with the groom to steal the bride.

The Throwing of Rice is symbolic of the rocks and stones the family of the bride thre after the groom when the brides screams awakened her family and they saw she was being taken.

The honeymoon… is symbolic of the cooling off period that followed the taking of the bride. The groom would take her up into the mountains or some far off place and keep her up there until she came into submission to him.

Carrying over the threshold the caveman carried her into the house naked into her new home. He had to carry her because she would not walk in voluntarily.

So there you have it in part the European wedding ceremony that they try to elevate over the Egyptian wedding ceremony is void without a written record except in genesis and matthew 19 that gives a link to an Egyptian creation story.

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