The Police : Edward Archer - Philadelphia ... Shoots Police ... 'in the name of Islam'

Jan 22, 2001
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i would like to delete the thread as it appears to be too much for some to take.
a news story right off channel six in philly is objectionable?
the title has been edited. it is not what i wrote.
just delete it.

Brother James ... i edited the title per this rule ... Rule #9 - Descriptive Titles Required in Discussions

It was not descriptive ... didn't have the guy's name in it, the city, etc.

The story is real life and if it's too much for some to take ... well ... this aint problee the worst they've seen.

Plus ... since others have posted in the thread now, deleting the thread will delete their posts too.

You can delete your content by editing any post and removing what's inside ... if you wanna ... but i hope you don't.

I bet it's gonna be even more krazee now in Philly and around the country ... after this shooting.

Love You and Thanks again for sharing the story.




Jan 10, 2016
Archer was clearly confused about his identity. Converted to Islam, then pledge of allegiance to ISIS? He was clearly mentally ill.

I feel bad for his family, hope he did not have any children..

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