Black Poetry : Eat vanilla wafer and jive while his paper is live with glamour and grammar, sound pathetic right wi


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May 11, 2006
Eat vanilla wafer and jive while his paper is live with glamour
and grammar, sound pathetic right with sympathetic insight hammer
the brain like lumber and drive all types of hummers so girl help
him with hype need her cell number because he blaze the land
then raise his hand and girls be amazed over his plan praise the man
that turn them on has a lot of going to bed up in it, so girl wait a minute,
he wants a kiss out of this” “NAW PLAYER got pudding but couldn't get
up out of bed like this she was struck on the head with a kiss so wet
knock her out it was hot no doubt he went crazy on it then, yelling baby
boo and stuff, got bizarre class and like a car crash this is head on crazy
in the streets it gravy and meat talking about sex like SALT-N-PEPPA lazy
don't get him there, she's a KOREAN CHICK with long hair she's real fine
and boys try stuff use words and verbs with proud slang try rap all the time
now she hear a loud bang her skin oriental yellow he's a sentimental fellow
looking for action and satisfaction not a fatal attraction so to boys hello
and like jello this could be shaky” “ONE TIME she was at the WAWA a girl down
and whirl around and this boy was standing there planning to share a renown
kiss he fiddled with the radio in the middle of his flow he spin the dial
and begin to smile he win with style oh gosh he wanted some cake wild
thing how he style bling SAID “LOOK BOO you shop a lot girl good grief your
lips a brief trip into love land so we get to kiss with a wet reminisce galore
you have pride boo let me guide you” “OH NO jest gonna slide into the bed
well she guess a nickel can be treasure but a drop top is a vehicle for pleasure led
to parking lot quotes there folks everywhere now this is BLACK HIP HOP in
VIRGINIA BEACH, Korean girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH she stop when
she get hot, boys wish for dinner and fish with a spinner try catch some trout
while on a dumb route to the bedroom, pride is a must our intuition about
to guide us” “AND BOO I lied when I thrust words in your ear, so lets go to the car
and talk it's not that far of a walk, you have them sweaty oriental thighs the bar
awaits us a mistake to trust my hormones you got pie crust in the TWILIGHT ZONE
so let me fix the suspense like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense from the tombstone
his flow brisk but she don't know about this his car on four wheels and the hardcore
is revealed his mood is romance and this conclude the dance with right attitude soar
for a chance for sex love rattle and heals and like paddle wheels it turn but a legit
concern when it comes to bed work her lips at a red flirt she has fed twerk to boys

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